Investing in China


Investing in China: “Fad” vs. Secular Mega-Trend

Many savvy marketers are quick to point out that in their opinion, humans make primarily emotion-driven decisions and justify them using reason. In other words, that perhaps most of the decisions we consider logic-based are actually nothing more than emotional decisions, cleverly designed by our ever-adapting brains. When it comes to the world of economics,


Should Investors Learn Chinese?

Perhaps the most intellectually honest manner of starting this article would be highlighting the personal choice of the author. And in my case, yes, I have indeed decided to learn Chinese despite the fact that I have made a name for myself as an economist on the Anglo-Saxon scene. My books are selling quite well


China and the Renminbi in the Context of a Currency Crisis?

On more than one occasion, we have discussed various scenarios which revolve around (potential) developments in China after a financial calamity here at In fact, an entire article has been dedicated to just that. However, these discussions have primarily revolved around a DEFLATIONARY environment, in other words scenarios such as a market crash which


The China Internet Security Law: Necessity or Perfect Excuse?

As a business owner who is interested in tapping into China’s huge market, you need to understand you may very well be one legislative action away from having to pack up your bags and leave (among other things, can help you gain some much-needed legislative clarity before making business-altering decisions, something arguably more important


Should You Invest in China… Now? (If Not, When?)

One of the most common discussion themes among current and potential investors in China alike is represented by the timing element. In other words, is now the right time to back up the truck and invest in China or would it be wise to wait? As (pretty much) always when it comes to such broad


The Trajectory of Chinese Assets After the Next (Global) Financial Crisis?

If you were expecting this to be an article which starts out with questions and gradually works its way toward answers, you will be disappointed because we will be answering the question which constitutes the title of this post right from the beginning: the trajectory of Chinese assets after the next financial crisis will most


Establishing a Business in China 101

Whether you are interested in establishing a business yourself or simply want exposure to Chinese assets, it would be wise to understand (at least broadly speaking) what the framework is with respect to the Chinese business interests of foreign entities. While China has had various initiatives with goals revolving around making it easier for foreigners


China’s Legal System: From Legislative, Executive and Judicial Functions to… the CPC

When referring to the politico-economic system of China here on (and pretty much everywhere, for that matter), the term “socialism with Chinese characteristics” is frequently used. The “with Chinese characteristics” dimension is crucial when it comes to our brief analysis of China’s legal system because the more research you conduct on China-related topics, the


The Top 10 China-Related Myths We Should FINALLY Acknowledge

The average financial pundit has about as much data-backed insight on the Chinese economy as an elephant has ballerina characteristics. Frankly, most Western analysts are guilty of simply perpetuating stereotypes which were either never accurate to begin with or which used to make sense years or decades ago but are anything but valid at this


What Foreign Investors Should Understand About China’s Political System… But Usually Don’t

There is a world of difference between claiming you understand a principle and actually internalizing the principle in question. The attitude of many foreign investors with respect to how things work in China politically speaking frequently represents an eloquent example to that effect. The difference between talking the talk and walking the walk, if you