Trends in China


Will China Always Be Commodity-Hungry? Commodities from a Chinese Perspective

It is pretty much impossible to be a commodity trader or otherwise in the commodity business without having a firm grasp on “all things China” for the simple reason that Chinese demand has been the number one variable in the commodity equation for an extended period of time. Entire commodity-oriented business models have been built


The Flight from (Over-)Regulation to and from China?

Time and time again, public discourse ends up being dominated by headlines revolving around government intervention, more specifically what is expected by the government when it comes to a wide range of public interest topics. For example: What should governments do to tackle global warming? What should governments do to tackle inequality? What should governments


The United States – Iran (Economic and Military) Conflict from the Perspective of China

Please note that that this article refers strictly to the recent US – Iran conflict, a conflict which followed the assassination of Quasem Soleimani. Before getting started, it would be recommended to familiarize yourself with the economic relationship between the China and the United States on the one hand (covered through a dedicated ChinaFund article


A Chinese Perspective on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology

We have written our fair share of articles that pertain to blockchain technology or individual sectors of the blockchain world here on An article on China’s love/hate relationship with individual cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and the thousands of altcoins that exist), which can be accessed by clicking HERE An article on China’s far better relationship with


The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)… Industry?

In its journey toward (economic) world domination, China needs any edge it can get and in the eyes of the Beijing authorities, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) represents just that: something China-specific that can be used as an economic growth engine. For the sake of clarity, please note that this is not a medical article and


China’s (Booming) Vitamin and Dietary Supplements (VDS) Market

The Vitamin and Dietary Supplements market represents yet another example of a booming industry that China is poised to dominate, with Roland Berger data indicating the fact that the market is expected to find support north of $40 billion by 2023, boasting an impressive 14% CAGR. These figures should (of course, this is dependent on


(More or Less Misunderstood) Consumption Trends in China: Consumerism on Steroids?

Time and time again, observers find certain consumption trends in China downright peculiar. For example, why on Earth has there been such a surge in luxury spending and generally speaking, spending meant to impress the proverbial Chinese version of the Jones family in a country that used to be plagued by debilitating poverty a few


The Cultural “Westernization” of China: Hollywood, Pop Culture and Their Economic Effects

In a world tailor-made to the specifications of the Communist Party of China (in a let’s say ideal scenario from the perspective of the CPC), the population of China would reject any and all Western components, elements the Party considers detrimental to its very self-preservation interests. Unfortunately for the CPC, that’s not exactly how things


Pet Ownership in China: A Surprising Mega-Trend

Ask any elderly Chinese citizen to describe let’s say a “textbook” urban scene from back when he was young and ask an American to do the same. Among other differences, you will most likely notice that pets are absent from the description of the elderly Chinese. Contrary to popular belief, pets are anything but completely


Life Expectancy in China: Past, Present, Trends and Implications

There are few metrics which make it more obvious just how far along China has come than life expectancy-related ones. In the first half of the sixties for example, the average life expectancy at birth in China was well over 50 years, in line with severely under-developed nations. It was only as of 1966 that