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Doing Business in China: Hands-on Tips from

As those of you who are familiar with our work and track record know, the experience of the team let’s say transcends the financial world. To put it different, we have proverbially been there and done that in China for over 13 years when it comes to anything from brick & mortar endeavors to,


Wealth Management in China: New Frontier or Pipe Dream?

As explained on more than one occasion here on, tremendous wealth has been built in China since let’s say the Deng Xiaoping reform days. However, we would be painting an incomplete picture of reality by limiting ourselves to the previous statement. In the spirit of precision, we need to make it clear that two


Bitcoin/Crypto Mining in China: Energy Sector Blessing or Ticking Time Bomb?

It is a fairly established fact that while China has nothing against blockchain technology (on the contrary, as explained HERE), it is definitely not a fan of existing blockchain projects that it has no control over, such as bitcoin and the various altcoins that exist (as explained HERE). As such, many outside observers assume China


(Why) Are Chinese Social Media Sites/Platforms (TikTok and Many Others) Gaining Traction?

We have covered Chinese Internet success stories rather diligently here on, anything from referring to the (in)famous Chinese BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) to explaining why domestic Internet companies are beneficiaries of China’s oftentimes controversial (from a human rights or let’s say freedom perspective, if you will) legislative action. For the most part, the average


Will China Create Its Own Stablecoin?

Through a previous article, we have made it clear that no, China does not hate blockchain technology in general and, on the contrary, is interested in putting it to good use as long as it is able to control the end result. This state of affairs may seem ironic in light of the fact that,


China’s Transportation Sector: Problematic Polluter or Future-Oriented Industry

It should come as no surprise that China’s transportation industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decades because at the end of the day, the transportation sector tends to be one of the most interconnected components of any economy… China in no way represents an exception in this respect. We could write an entire


China’s Oil and Natural Gas Equation: Past. Present. Future Trends.

It has become a bit of an economics meme to joke about how important China is in the oil and natural gas demand equation and, indeed, there is quite a bit of substance under the proverbial hood. When it comes to the let’s say recent past, China has been the worldwide leader in terms of


Religion in China: A Brief Overview

Thinking you can become a balanced investor in Chinese assets without a firm grasp on at the very least the basics with respect to culture would be misguided at best. And having a firm grasp on “all things culture” without including religion into the mix would be (severely) sub-optimal, so let us take a few


Will China Become the World’s Next Number One Economic Superpower?

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, let us start with a straightforward answer and then spend the rest of the article elaborating and nuancing. And that answer is a definite… “probably” (apologies in the advance for the corny humor). Right off the bat, it is worth pointing out that when the productive potential of over


Censorship in China: A Multi-Generational Paradigm?

Pretty much all analysts acknowledge that censorship-related practices tend to be ubiquitous in China, with the main debates revolving around their effectiveness (or lack thereof). Of course, there is the occasional contrarian analyst who believes the issue is blown out of proportion but for the most part, the “Is censorship a significant issue in China?”