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Independent Contractors in China and Beyond: The Limitations of the Gig Economy

Before reading this article, we would strongly recommend taking a look at our post about the gig economy in general on the one hand and on the other hand, at our more recent article about the gig economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. To (over-)simplify, let’s just say the pandemic put the gig


Working from Home in 2020 and Beyond: Is China Prepared for This (Potential) Mega-Trend?

The COVID-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, meaningfully altered human behavior and from a strictly economic perspective, as it pretty much always happens, there have been both winners and losers in the business world. One category of winners is represented by platforms that facilitate working from home in one way or another such as the


Post-2020 Investment Trends and Their Long-Term Ramifications

In a previous article, we have explained that the developments which have taken the world by storm in 2020 will inevitably alter consumption trends, both in China and abroad. The same way, the “medicine” prescribed quasi-unanimously by central banks from all around the world (unprecedented monetary as well as fiscal stimulus, unprecedented both in terms


Post-2020 Consumption Trends and How They Risk Affecting China

As an investor who is interested in gaining exposure to Chinese assets or already has a portfolio which contains Chinese assets, perhaps the number one mistake you need to avoid in 2020 and beyond revolves around under-estimating the magnitude of post-2020 consumption trends. The team cannot help but feel frustrated when coming across comments


How Low Can Interest Rates Go in China and the West?

The overwhelming majority of economists (yours truly included) who recommended preparing for the next financial/economic calamity in the aftermath of the Great Recession (I for one have even written a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling book on the topic back in 2018, The Age of Anomaly) have suspected to the point of being


Money on the Sidelines: The Implications of Indecisiveness in China and the West

2020’s realities, from an economic perspective, seem peculiar to say the least in light of the many powerful contradictory forces that are influencing human activity at the same time. In the spotlight, we have the COVID-19 (of course) implications which are heavily deflationary. Contrary to what happened with the Great Recession, where a financial crisis


5 China Trends for the 2020s

When making decisions, a lot of investors like to take a long-term approach to choosing where to put their money. Instead of thinking about where a company’s stock will be over the next few weeks or months, they think about where that company will be 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. This type


China in an Age of Corporate Socialism

In a previous article, we have made it clear that bailouts have become the status quo response in pretty much any jurisdiction, from China to the United States and… even with the many controversies and frustrations involved, yes, the European Union. In fact, before continuing with this article, we would strongly recommend clicking HERE so


Our 3 Favorite Chinese Investments

Quite a few people are looking to start investing in China, however, it can be tough to know where to begin. After all, if you don’t live in China and most of their companies haven’t made it to the United States market, how are you supposed to have heard of them? To help give you


How China Achieved Their Economic Growth

When you talk about China, one of the first topics to be brought up is usually their economy. More often than not, the word “growth” is used, for example: “China has been growing at an unprecedented rate” “The Chinese economy has been growing every year for the past 40 years” “China is projected to keep