Trends in China


Our 3 Favorite Chinese Investments

Quite a few people are looking to start investing in China, however, it can be tough to know where to begin. After all, if you don’t live in China and most of their companies haven’t made it to the United States market, how are you supposed to have heard of them? To help give you


How China Achieved Their Economic Growth

When you talk about China, one of the first topics to be brought up is usually their economy. More often than not, the word “growth” is used, for example: “China has been growing at an unprecedented rate” “The Chinese economy has been growing every year for the past 40 years” “China is projected to keep


Are Chinese Asset Investors Ready for an “Aggressive Fiscal Stimulus” Paradigm?

In this author’s opinion, at least, economists are underestimating the fiscal stimulus “demands” the market is making, especially in light of the fact that the let us call them ammunition levels of central banks have seen better days. Gone are the days when for example the United States criticized China for weakening its currency so


China in a Post-Pandemic Geopolitical Framework: Global Solidarity vs. Isolationism

Something as devastating as a pandemic inevitably brings about economic consequences that can be remarkably difficult to identify… at least at the beginning. To make matters worse, the covid-19 pandemic also made “globalized” supply chain weaknesses as well as over-optimization (for example, business models which revolve around “production on demand” rather than expensive and logistically


China in a Negative Interest Rate Environment

Some observers like to more or less jokingly point out that we are living, from a monetary perspective at least, in a bit of an economic twilight zone in light of the fact that in terms of (one again, especially monetary) policy, we are most definitely in what can be considered uncharted territory. To put


Diminishing Returns in China… and the West?

We aren’t going to refer to “diminishing returns” in the microeconomic sense (as a decrease in the marginal output correlated with an incremental increase of a single factor of production) but rather in a broader manner, by taking a look at just how much of an increase in credit-fueled firepower is necessary to maintain economic


China and the Gig Economy: Economic Growth 2.0 or Ideological Incongruence?

A lot of observers make the mistake of assuming that the gig economy is an exclusively Western trend in light of the fact that it seems to align so well with Western values. It is decentralized rather than centralized, it encourages freelancers to compete with one another within whichever platform they are using, it is


Will China Always Be Commodity-Hungry? Commodities from a Chinese Perspective

It is pretty much impossible to be a commodity trader or otherwise in the commodity business without having a firm grasp on “all things China” for the simple reason that Chinese demand has been the number one variable in the commodity equation for an extended period of time. Entire commodity-oriented business models have been built


The Flight from (Over-)Regulation to and From China?

Time and time again, public discourse ends up being dominated by headlines revolving around government intervention, more specifically what is expected by the government when it comes to a wide range of public interest topics. For example: What should governments do to tackle global warming? What should governments do to tackle inequality? What should governments


The United States – Iran (Economic and Military) Conflict from the Perspective of China

Please note that that this article refers strictly to the recent US – Iran conflict, a conflict which followed the assassination of Quasem Soleimani. Before getting started, it would be recommended to familiarize yourself with the economic relationship between the China and the United States on the one hand (covered through a dedicated ChinaFund article