Investing in China


What Foreign Investors Should Understand About China’s Political System… But Usually Don’t

There is a world of difference between claiming you understand a principle and actually internalizing the principle in question. The attitude of many foreign investors with respect to how things work in China politically speaking frequently represents an eloquent example to that effect. The difference between talking the talk and walking the walk, if you


Short Term vs. Long Term Investing in China

Far too many investors make the mistake of believing that just because a certain asset, asset class or even jurisdiction is “hot” or let’s say has had a remarkable track record (as is the case with China), it automatically means that everything you touch will turn to gold right away. Unfortunately for them, such beliefs


Does China Have a Transparency Problem?

Our main goal here at is to be frank with respect to both the pros and cons associated with China. While we firmly stand behind our baseline assumption that China is poised to dominate the global economy in ways few analysts anticipate over the course of the next decades, it’s important to understand that


The 2019 State of Investment Funds in China

From $5.3 trillion in assets under management at this point to an expected level of $9.3 trillion and beyond by 2023 (according to the Oliver Wyman consulting firm), the sector is poised to continue booming in China, especially in light of the increased flexibility the authorities are displaying due to the demographic realities of china


Should Chinese Bonds Be Considered Attractive?

In light of the fact that the yuan-denominated bond market is becoming an option for foreigners (with, for example, the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index including yuan-denominated bonds as of April 2019), it makes sense to ask yourself if you should or shouldn’t try to grab a piece of such a huge pie, with roughly


Challenges Faced by Those Who Want to Invest in China

While China is most definitely one of the top places to be as an investor and while most of the articles you can find on make it clear why as well as how to maximize results, it is worth nothing that there are challenges you need to be aware of if you are thinking