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China and the Gig Economy: Economic Growth 2.0 or Ideological Incongruence?

A lot of observers make the mistake of assuming that the gig economy is an exclusively Western trend in light of the fact that it seems to align so well with Western values. It is decentralized rather than centralized, it encourages freelancers to compete with one another within whichever platform they are using, it is


Culture Wars in 2020 and Beyond: Is a China – West Cultural War Unfolding?

The average investor who is interested in being up to date on “all things China” so as to make better choices tends to spend asymmetrically more time crunching economic numbers compared to endeavors that, in our view, would enable him or her to meaningfully “get” China from more than one angle. As such, their perspective


China-Related Conspiracy Theories: Motivation, Interpretation, Substance… and Lack Thereof

This is a topic we believe needs to be addressed thoroughly because as an investor in Chinese assets or someone who is thinking about gaining exposure to Chinese assets, you are literally bombarded with more or less reasonable scenarios pertaining to China, many of which venture well into conspiracy theory territory. Right from the beginning,


Will China Always Be Commodity-Hungry? Commodities from a Chinese Perspective

It is pretty much impossible to be a commodity trader or otherwise in the commodity business without having a firm grasp on “all things China” for the simple reason that Chinese demand has been the number one variable in the commodity equation for an extended period of time. Entire commodity-oriented business models have been built


Can China Represent an Alternative to Excessive Western Regulation?

As shocking as the concept may seem, China can indeed end up representing a better jurisdiction from a regulatory perspective in quite a few cases but right off the bat, we want to make it clear this doesn’t mean it can be considered a perfect one, not by a long shot. Instead, we would like


(Why) Is China a Peaceful Soft Power?

An alternative title for this article could have also been “Is China (still) a peaceful soft power?” or “Why is China (still) a peaceful soft power?” for those who are more convinced, because the key to understanding the message we are trying to get across revolves around realizing that despite China’s impressive GDP, it is


(Why) Is China the Top Beneficiary of Globalization?

Frustrations surrounding an alleged “free ride” that certain countries have been getting as a result of globalization have been building up in the proverbial West for quite a while, with the year 2016 being perhaps a textbook example to that effect in light of two events which have both proven that a significant segment of


“Gamers” in China: The Remarkable Growth of China’s Online Gaming Sector

With an impressive $4.25 billion in gaming-related revenue projected for 2020 (a 0.8% YOY growth rate) and roughly 325 million gamers (a 2.1% YOY growth rate), it should come as no surprise that the stakes are remarkably high when it comes to China’s online gaming industry, in light of it representing the global leader in


The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)… Industry?

In its journey toward (economic) world domination, China needs any edge it can get and in the eyes of the Beijing authorities, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) represents just that: something China-specific that can be used as an economic growth engine. For the sake of clarity, please note that this is not a medical article and


China’s (Booming) Vitamin and Dietary Supplements (VDS) Market

The Vitamin and Dietary Supplements market represents yet another example of a booming industry that China is poised to dominate, with Roland Berger data indicating the fact that the market is expected to find support north of $40 billion by 2023, boasting an impressive 14% CAGR. These figures should (of course, this is dependent on