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Censorship in China: A Multi-Generational Paradigm?

Pretty much all analysts acknowledge that censorship-related practices tend to be ubiquitous in China, with the main debates revolving around their effectiveness (or lack thereof). Of course, there is the occasional contrarian analyst who believes the issue is blown out of proportion but for the most part, the “Is censorship a significant issue in China?”


Is China a Multi-Party Country and Do Opposition Forces Exist?

As is the case with quite a few articles in particular and China in general, the question which constitutes the title of this post has a complex “yes, but no” answer. In other words yes, China is indeed technically a multi-party country in that the Communist Party of China is not the only one


As (Not) Seen on TV: China’s Poorest Regions

Time and time again, Western media depictions of China involve prosperous neighborhoods from Beijing or Shanghai, industrial success stories such as Shenzhen and so on. At the political level, the same principle tends to be valid in many cases, for example president Donald Trump criticizing China for continuing to define itself as a developing nation


Law Enforcement in China: How Strict Is Too Strict?

The Chinese authorities frequently take pleasure in mentioning the fact that in China, crime rates are among the lowest in the world. On the one hand, we need to understand that more so than with other countries, official statistics should be taken with a grain of salt as far as China is concerned. It is


The Rule of Law in China: “Wild West” or First World Status?

As someone who grew up in Eastern Europe, I’ve witnessed first-hand that simply having comprehensive laws in place is nowhere near enough. If this were the only variable involved in the rule of law equation, China as well as my own country would pass the proverbial test relatively easily. Unfortunately, things tend to be multiple


Navigating Through Propaganda in China… and Elsewhere?

As stated ad nauseam here at, investors who are genuinely interested in gaining exposure to Chinese assets have a lot of legwork ahead of them (either that or, of course, working with consultants such as us) if they are serious about generating sustainable results. From understanding the multiple facets of the Chinese economy (something


The China Internet Security Law: Necessity or Perfect Excuse?

As a business owner who is interested in tapping into China’s huge market, you need to understand you may very well be one legislative action away from having to pack up your bags and leave (among other things, can help you gain some much-needed legislative clarity before making business-altering decisions, something arguably more important


China and Capital Flight: From Risk Mitigation to Excessive Control?

No matter which industry you are involved it, you’ve most likely come across more or less frustrating measures in the sphere of capital controls when it comes to the Chinese dimension of the industry in question. From brick and mortar industry limitations to China banning practices pertaining to exotic industries such as cryptocurrency-related ones, the


The Role and Structure of the Communist Party of China

Before reading this post, we would strongly recommend reading our article about the history of the Communist Party of China so as to have the proper historic context needed to meaningfully understand the current role of the Communist Party of China and, of course, its structure. Right from the beginning, it makes sense to point


From Tumultuous Part to Present-Day Domination: The History of the Communist Party of China

Few observers are unaware of just how dominant the Communist Party of China is nowadays, with its 85+ million members and firm grip across pretty much all socio-politico-economic dimensions of China. In fact, here at, we frequently include aspects pertaining to the Communist Party of China in our analysis… and rightfully so because if