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Incompetence in China: Causes, Context and Coping Mechanisms

Whether you are interested in setting up shop in China or in simply gaining exposure to Chinese assets in a (relatively) passive manner, the team believes in being upfront and making it clear right off the bat that yes, incompetence will represent one of the major issues you will undoubtedly come across and to


China’s Interest(s) in the Strait of Hormuz from a 2020 US-Iran Conflict Perspective

It should come as no surprise that our readers are seeking clarity when it comes to many Iran-related aspects in light of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and its consequences, with questions on their mind such as: How is Iran likely to retaliate? Will this retaliation be a calculated, tactical one, or something asymmetrical? How


(Neo)Authoritarianism in China: The Past, Present and Future of Authoritarian Rule

Much can be said about China’s economic system, about socialism with Chinese characteristics and its many common denominators when comparing it to both capitalism and socialism. Some economists praise China for being more market-oriented than let’s say many European nations in some respects, others claim the exact opposite. Let’s just say that few things are


Discrimination in China: Systemic Issue, Granular Problem… or Both?

Here at, we have rather frequently presented studies and metrics (pertaining to freedom of speech, for example) which make it clear that China isn’t exactly the most politically correct nation in the world. While our team firmly believes that generation-defining investment opportunities lie ahead in China, we just as firmly believe in being straightforward


Personal Freedoms in China: Westernization/Legalization vs. Traditionalism

The economic interconnectedness we keep referring to here at is more than just a buzz word, because its ramifications move well beyond the realm of economics. To (over)simplify, economic interconnectedness leads to continuous transfers, not just transfers that are economic in nature (transfers of wealth, technology and so on) but also anything from political


Moral Hazard: Is China at Risk?

We usually come across the term “moral hazard” when discussing situations pertaining to the Western financial system, especially after the Great Recession of 2007-2008 (click HERE for an article through which we analyze its effects on China). Perhaps the most textbook example revolves around the morally corrupt bonus mechanism bankers had. On the one hand,


Meritocracy in China: Meritocratic Society or Dunning-Kruger Effect on Steroids?

Say what you want about let’s call it Western society but for better or worse, a valid case can be made that meritocracy contributed to the current dominance (economic and otherwise) of the West. Whether meritocracy took the form of capitalism (the proverbial American dream, if you will) or socialism (in Northern Europe, with different


Is China Tolerant… or How Tolerant Is China?

Misconceptions and misrepresentations abound to such a degree when it comes to China that the average Western observer is oftentimes left scratching his head. For example, he might read one article about “communist China” today and tomorrow, another one which praises China for actually being more capitalism-oriented than let’s say many European nations in certain


Will (or Can) China Become a Democracy?

Those familiar with “all things China” and especially loyal readers have undoubtedly realized that a lot of things have either changed or are in the process of changing over in China. Whether we are talking about a transition from production and export-led economic growth to a consumption-oriented one or to cultural aspects such as


Understanding the Politburo (and Standing Committee) of the Communist Party of China

Those who believe political leadership structures “sound” too bureaucratic in the West should perhaps sit down before reading up on how things work in China, because the “first contact” moment might be quite shocking. On the other hand, those who grew up in communist or formerly communist nations (yours truly, for example, who grew up