About ChinaFund.com


Andrei Polgar

Outside the Box


A hands-on approach to investing in China

As an economist, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, educator (the founder of One Minute Economics), online entrepreneur and investor, I am here to provide the perspective of a hands-on economist to properly investing in China.


From going after my PhD in economics and becoming an opinion former to launching online businesses and successfully investing in a wide range of assets, I firmly believe in finding the right balance between book smarts and street smarts.


By having a solid foundation of knowledge upon which you build through calculated risk-taking as well as trial and error, you'll be in the best possible position to explore the (many) generation-defining investment opportunities China puts at your disposal.
Andrei Polgar
Founding Partner

Book Smarts and Recognition

My One Minute Economics mini-courses are used by universities from all over the world and my books have been mentioned by the world's top publications (the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, etc.)

Street Smarts

Unlike the overwhelming majority of economists, I don't believe articulating opinions from an ivory tower and have always tried to practice what I preach as an investor and serial entrepreneur

"Outside the Box" Thinking

Through projects such as One Minute Economics, I did my best to revolutionize the online learning space through an "outside the box" approach to education which... well, works


As someone who also does well as an investor and entrepreneur, I've always approached economics-related projects (from going after my PhD to writing books and my work at One Minute Economics) as a labor of love



Graham Haynes

Brick & Mortar


Entrepreneur involved in China since 2002

From having a factory in China since before it was "cool" to making the most of my established businesses, I'm here to provide the brick & mortar experience needed to complement Andrei's skill set.


Through bold choices such as the acquisition of the Furniture.co.uk domain name for $650,000 and determination, I've become a successful business person (since 1994) as well as investor in a wide range of assets, including domain names (since 2000).


From sustainability when it comes to results to my sixth sense for opportunities and the emotional strength required to build lasting relationships that led to durable businesses, my experience is at your disposal!
Graham Haynes
Founding Partner

B&M Results

My results in difficult brick&mortar industries such as the furniture one made me believe in my ability to see value where others don't and China definitely qualifies


I'm always in it for the long haul and my involvement in China since 2002 speaks for itself. ChinaFund.com represents yet another example of my commitment to long-term results and my firm belief that opportunities in China are here to stay

A Sixth Sense for Opportunities

From my b&m businesses to domain investments (AntiqueFurniture and Purple.co.uk, to give two six figure examples), I'm always on the lookout for worthwhile investment opportunities

Emotional Strength

From building businesses with deep family involvement to nurturing relationships with partners all over the world, my emotional strength represents yet another asset I put on the table



James Macrae


Accounting Expertise

ChinaFund.com's "Numbers Guy"

Andrei's vision and Graham's business experience can only be complemented by my accounting "superpowers" that enabled me to brand myself as the "numbers guy" of ChinaFund.com.


From complex financial data analysis to supervising mergers and acquisitions as well as "boring" yet vital day-to-day accounting practices, you can rely on my multi-jurisdictional experience when it comes to a wide range of projects and tasks.


Whenever the need to crunch numbers arises, few can match the comprehensive analysis level I became (in)famous for putting on the table. I dig deep and love every minute of it!
James Macrae
Founding Partner

Thorough Research

I'm the guy who always puts in the work and gathers as well as analyzes data you cannot afford not to include in your analysis

Multi-Jurisdictional Expertise

Whether it comes to China, the United Kingdom or any other jurisdiction, I provide precisely the hands-on accounting experience ChinaFund.com clients are looking for

The Friendly Face Behind the Numbers

If there is anyone who can make otherwise brain-numbing numbers easy to understand, it's yours truly... think of me as the friendly face behind all those "scary" numbers

Passion About All Things "Boring"

I'm passionate about the very things most people shy away from, the "boring" dimension of running a business or making an important financial decision