Consulting Services: Vision, Experience and Reliability

First and foremost, it goes without saying that by investing in Chinese assets, establishing a business presence in China or otherwise gaining exposure to this jurisdiction, you are tapping into a secular mega-trend that is not going anywhere. At the same time, however, quite a few vital aspects tend to get lost in translation whenever you are dealing with a jurisdiction you do not fully understand.

Time and time again, Western investors who are wise enough to desire Chinese exposure end up either losing money or making sub-optimal choices due to the incomplete or downright inaccurate information they were basing decisions on. In other words, being wise enough to spot a secular mega-trend is not enough, you need to either invest years of your life so as to meaningfully understand the jurisdiction you are targeting or work with consultants who have done just that. is here to help with the latter in a three-dimensional manner:

  1. Vision. Our Managing Partner, Andrei Polgar, is an economist who has received quite a bit of recognition for the “big picture” vision he provides. His “One Minute Economics” educational videos are being used by universities from all over the world, including “household names” such as Oxford and Open University, and have been featured on television from Holland all the way to Kenya. The same way, his books have received worldwide acclaim, especially his most recent work (The Age of Anomaly), which landed on the Wall Street Journal as well as USA Today bestseller lists and received exposure on the Washington Post, Miami Herald, NY Post, Houston Chronicle and the list could go on and on. Whenever you or your organization need to take a step back and see things in perspective, Andrei’s personality and intellectual processing power are at your disposal. From being a serial online entrepreneur (active in various industries, from Web hosting and development to digital asset brokerage and online escrow) to investing in anything from real estate to exotic assets such as domain names or cryptocurrencies, Andrei Polgar is a rare breed among economists, a thinker who is able to put forth a uniquely balanced perspective between book smarts and street smarts
  2. Experience. More, specifically, the brick and mortar experience Partner Graham Haynes puts on the table. Graham has been actively involved in China since 2002 through the production dimension of his business. As an accomplished entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable multi-jurisdictional business results (especially in China and the United Kingdom) as well as made a name for himself as an investor in anything from b&m assets to exotic ones such as domain names (through bold and well-calculated acquisitions such as the $650,000 one as well as other six-figure deals, for example AntiqueFurniture and, Graham Haynes represents the “experience” dimension of If you are looking for insight from the perspective of a highly successful entrepreneur who has proverbially been there and done that, Graham puts his brain at your disposal. From managing 100+ employees to tacking the difficulties associated with starting up in multiple jurisdictions, the entrepreneurial maturity of Graham Haynes represents a resource it is difficult to put a price tag on due to its remarkable scarcity. From brick&mortar projects to Internet startups, it’s hard to compete with Graham’s track record
  3. Reliability. James Macrae’s multi-sector and multi-jurisdictional accounting expertise represents the final piece of the puzzle. Whether it comes to retail, manufacturing, media, distribution or infrastructure-related businesses, James takes the best practices from each sector and applies them to others so as to ensure all financial data and analysis is beyond comprehensive. From supporting nuts and bolts accounting to modelling a significant acquisition, James is ready to put his expertise at the disposal of your organization. When it comes to financial planning & analysis, James puts forth projections reinforced with rigorous post-event review which enable you to understand variances and refine your existing models. As far as the M&A and investment dimension is concerned, he can provide assistance with respect to anything from initial appraisals to post-acquisition integrations. Finally, let’s not forget the less glamorous but equally important financial reporting & control dimension, with James being an expert in creating efficient processes and structure so as to make even complex multi-jurisdiction projects simple and robust

As can be seen, it’s hard to think of a more complementary trio than Andrei Polgar, Graham Haynes and James Macrae. But make no mistake, an entire team of enthusiasts is behind them to ensure that legwork-related constraints are a non-issue. The end result is what we refer to as the team, an organization that can help you or your business with a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Managing your existing investment portfolio, especially portfolios with a reasonable exposure to Chinese assets. While we can provide assistance when it comes to a wide range of assets across multiple jurisdictions, our main areas of expertise revolve around opportunities in China. As such, we can help clients make informed divestment decisions (gradually eliminating under-performing assets with inadequate potential from their portfolios) as well as keep an eye open for opportunities which complement their existing asset profile
  2. Gaining exposure to Chinese assets. Far too many entities make the mistake of being recklessly over-enthusiastic after making the decision of gaining exposure to Chinese assets. So over-enthusiastic, in fact, that they turn a good idea (grabbing a slice of a pie that is poised to become remarkably larger) into a money-draining strategy. Even with generation-defining opportunities such as those China has become famous for, timing represents a crucial element. By not having the maturity and experience it takes to make not just the right decisions but rather the right decisions at the right time, you end up building sub-optimal positions which lead to your organization being underwater for an extended period of time. Being “right” is overrated, the name of the game is being right and employing wise asset acquisition as well as money management principles so as to approach investing in Chinese assets with a long-term outlook
  3. Risks assessment. If you are currently entertaining the possibility of making an acquisition in China but don’t have enough reliable information to assess the risk/reward ratio of that decision, outsourcing that dimension of the process to an entity such as can prove to be a game-changing decision. An organization such as, which is actually operating in China and therefore has its finger firmly on the pulse of the Chinese economy, can provide precisely the complementary insight you needed to make an informed final decision
  4. Guidance with respect to formalities, procedures and everything in between. As mentioned rather frequently here on, there is a world of difference between a plan that looks excellent on paper and actually implementing that plan in a jurisdiction as complex and different to its Western counterparts as China. Working with the team can help you avoid months or even years of unnecessary legwork. No matter how hard-working your existent team is, words cannot begin to describe how inefficient it is to try operating in China based on Western-only expertise
  5. Establishing a business presence in China. Whether you are able to put forth a product or service that caters to the specific needs of the Chinese market exclusively and want to launch a brand new company, are interested in establishing a presence in China for an existing business that serves other jurisdictions as well or are planning to gain access to the Chinese market through mergers and acquisitions, is here to help you make the process as straightforward as possible
  6. Bridging cultural gaps, with our team being at your disposal if you are interested in prepping your staff for business meetings with Chinese partners or doing anything else for which you need more than a minimal understanding of the cultural differences between China and other nations. Many mistakes that have their origins in a sub-optimal understanding of Chinese culture can and do end up burying what would have most likely been a mutually beneficial business relationship, words cannot begin to describe how trajectory-altering a consulting session with experts such as those on the team would have proven to be
  7. Helping you establish relationships with product/service providers or potential partners. Establishing solid connections is an inevitable byproduct of conducting business in China for more than 17 years. As such, is able to help you with anything from meeting various contracting-related needs to finding potential partners for joint-ventures

… the list could go on and on.

The bottom line is this: if you or your organization need help with anything that revolves around the Chinese market, our team will be able to either be of assistance directly or put you in touch with the right experts. To get in touch, simply send an email with your requirements to, reach out to our Managing Partner Andrei Polgar at +40724729347 or visit the Contact Us section of