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Can (Chinese) Asset Prices Be Manipulated?

Whether we are referring to low-liquidity markets such as cryptocurrencies, more liquid ones such as certain Chinese assets and even ultra-liquid markets like the S&P 500 or foreign exchange pairs, discussions or better stated controversies surrounding the manipulation of the asset(s) in question abound, usually manipulation involving either one extremely well-funded entity (or “whale”) or


Can China Represent an Alternative to Excessive Western Regulation?

As shocking as the concept may seem, China can indeed end up representing a better jurisdiction from a regulatory perspective in quite a few cases but right off the bat, we want to make it clear this doesn’t mean it can be considered a perfect one, not by a long shot. Instead, we would like


Pet Ownership in China: A Surprising Mega-Trend

Ask any elderly Chinese citizen to describe let’s say a “textbook” urban scene from back when he was young and ask an American to do the same. Among other differences, you will most likely notice that pets are absent from the description of the elderly Chinese. Contrary to popular belief, pets are anything but completely


(When) Should You Sell Your Chinese Assets?

Right off the bat, it is important to point out that this article refers to simply selling assets that you currently hold as opposed to short selling. When it comes to short selling in general and short selling Chinese assets in particular, there is a separate article dedicated to just that on our website, one


Doing Business in China: Hands-on Tips from

As those of you who are familiar with our work and track record know, the experience of the team let’s say transcends the financial world. To put it different, we have proverbially been there and done that in China for over 13 years when it comes to anything from brick & mortar endeavors to,


Financial Panic(s) in China: Systemic Risk or Tradeable Opportunity?

Whether we are referring to “maturing” jurisdictions such as China or mature ones such as various Western jurisdictions, it is a quasi-axiomatic statement that one cannot have a man-made financial system without occasional financial panics. From bank depositors who are standing in line in a desperate attempt to withdraw while they still can to investors


Does China Hate Blockchain Technology?

In a previous article, we have made it clear that China tends to have a pronounced love/hate (with more of an emphasis on the “hate” dimension) relationship with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, primarily due to the fact that cryptocurrencies can represent a capital flight option. In other words, Chinese citizens who want to do anything


Art and Antiques in China: Fascination, Wealth Preservation… or Both?

During the 70s and 80s, interest in arts and antiques from the China region came primarily from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, as time passed and mainland China became and more prosperous, the tide turned. Or, to be more precise, while there is still quite a bit of interest originating from Hong Kong and Taiwan,


Risk and Money Management When Investing in China

One of the most common misconceptions among investors is that to succeed, you have to be right more frequently than you are wrong. That is hardly the case, whether we are referring to Chinese assets or any other asset class. For example, you can be right 9 out of 10 times and generate 1% each


To Short Sell or Not to Short Sell: Should One Short Chinese Assets?

In a previous article, we have made it clear that in China (most likely more so than in more established Western jurisdictions), both extremes of the investment spectrum are well-represented: from genuine long-term opportunities to more or less reckless short-term speculation options. Through this post, we will be taking a closer look at the latter