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Chinese Universities: Evolution, Reach/Penetration, Potential and Challenges

Whenever “dissecting” national economic success stories with a reverse engineering state of mind, education tends to be an important common denominator at the very least, perhaps even the most important one. This is because, as economists such as Adam Smith have made clear centuries ago, the wealth of a nation doesn’t lie in the natural


Bitcoin/Crypto Mining in China: Energy Sector Blessing or Ticking Time Bomb?

It is a fairly established fact that while China has nothing against blockchain technology (on the contrary, as explained HERE), it is definitely not a fan of existing blockchain projects that it has no control over, such as bitcoin and the various altcoins that exist (as explained HERE). As such, many outside observers assume China


(Why) Are Chinese Social Media Sites/Platforms (TikTok and Many Others) Gaining Traction?

We have covered Chinese Internet success stories rather diligently here on, anything from referring to the (in)famous Chinese BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) to explaining why domestic Internet companies are beneficiaries of China’s oftentimes controversial (from a human rights or let’s say freedom perspective, if you will) legislative action. For the most part, the average


Facebook’s Libra Crypto Project from a Chinese Perspective: Will China Play Ball?

Before trying to form an opinion on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project and what it looks like from China’s perspective, we would strongly recommend reading three of our previous articles: First of all, an article through which we have explained why China has a love-hate relationship which is actually quite a bit closer to the “hate”


Will China Create Its Own Stablecoin?

Through a previous article, we have made it clear that no, China does not hate blockchain technology in general and, on the contrary, is interested in putting it to good use as long as it is able to control the end result. This state of affairs may seem ironic in light of the fact that,


Does China Hate Blockchain Technology?

In a previous article, we have made it clear that China tends to have a pronounced love/hate (with more of an emphasis on the “hate” dimension) relationship with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, primarily due to the fact that cryptocurrencies can represent a capital flight option. In other words, Chinese citizens who want to do anything


China’s Transportation Sector: Problematic Polluter or Future-Oriented Industry

It should come as no surprise that China’s transportation industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decades because at the end of the day, the transportation sector tends to be one of the most interconnected components of any economy… China in no way represents an exception in this respect. We could write an entire


China’s Oil and Natural Gas Equation: Past. Present. Future Trends.

It has become a bit of an economics meme to joke about how important China is in the oil and natural gas demand equation and, indeed, there is quite a bit of substance under the proverbial hood. When it comes to the let’s say recent past, China has been the worldwide leader in terms of


(How) Can Bank Runs Occur in China?

As peculiar as it may seem, many analysts believe that one of the “perks” associated with authoritarian governance is represented by the fact that one can “have everything under control” when it comes to the main follies of capitalism: excessive greed, excessive fear, manic-depressive behavior which leads to anything from irrational exuberance on the way


China’s Transportation/Logistics Industry: A Key to Success?

This much is certain: while China is not the only emerging market growth success story, it is without a doubt the most impressive one. What is considerably less certain, to the point of generating intense debates, is what exactly it is that enabled China to grow at such a remarkable pace. One of the top