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Independent Contractors in China and Beyond: The Limitations of the Gig Economy

Before reading this article, we would strongly recommend taking a look at our post about the gig economy in general on the one hand and on the other hand, at our more recent article about the gig economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. To (over-)simplify, let’s just say the pandemic put the gig


Land Investments in China… and Beyond

In the economic environment which preceded the March 2020 crash, with stock markets where ultra-high valuations were the norm and investors dreaming about achieving generation-defining wealth by investing in tech companies run by individuals who apparently have never used the word “profits” given the complete absence of even remote perspectives pertaining to just that (a


Are Chinese and Western Small Businesses Caught in the Post-2020 Crossfire?

The bailout of Boeing and other large companies by the United States has made a mega-trend crystal clear: small business owners are growing increasingly frustrated with the attention “systemically relevant” corporations are receiving and the fact that, just like in the aftermath of the Great Recession, large entities are positioning themselves as spoiled children of


What the Covid-19 Episode Taught Us About China’s Healthcare System: Pros, Cons, Mistakes and Success Stories

From a wide range of perspectives, the COVID-19 episode can be considered an “Aha!” moment or, in other words, it taught us a series of (mostly harsh) lessons about the healthcare systems of various countries. The negatives have most definitely been in the spotlight, especially negatives associated with healthcare systems which were perceived as cutting


U.S. Social Media Companies and China

In a world that is growing more and more connected every day, it’s interesting to take a look at all of the different relationships between countries and private companies. Above others, the one industry that arguably leads in terms of influence is represented by, as many have most likely guessed… the social media sector. Social


Luckin Coffee Case Study

There has recently been a fairly significant scandal involving one of the top companies in China. This company was being referred to as the Starbucks of China, however, after a surprising development, it came out that this company was forging sales and misleading investors. They forged online sales through their mobile app to make investors


(Controlled Economic) Shutdown in the Context of a Pandemic: From Social Distancing Necessities to Consequences

Right from the beginning of the 2020 situation, the team has made it clear that it specializes in matters pertaining to economics and most definitely not the medical dimension. As such, the rational and ultimately only approach worth embracing is listening to medical professionals when it comes to measures through which the spread of


Banking Reform In China

It’s no secret to anyone that the Chinese economy has been expanding rapidly over the past quarter-century. Nearly all sectors of their economy have been growing. However, the banking industry has not been adapting to match this rapid growth. This could be a cause for alarm because banking, much more so than other industries, plays


The Implications of 2020’s Bailouts in China and… Pretty Much Everywhere Else?

Right from the very beginning of the COVID-19 situation (before it was even called COVID-19), China made it clear that it will do whatever it takes to bail out companies and, indeed, it has injected vast quantities of capital into the proverbial system to ensure companies stay afloat (especially in light of the fact that


Domestic vs. International Demand: China in the Context of Significant Post-Pandemic Export Demand Surges… or Crashes?

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, before the name even became (in)famous and certainly well before the overwhelming majority of nations which are now battling the virus believed it would affect them, the equation in terms of the production of “essentials” (masks, protective equipment, etc.) seemed fairly straightforward: on the one hand, China