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Oil Price Shocks from the Perspective of China’s Short, Mid and Long-Term Goals

As mentioned in our article about stagflation risks in China and elsewhere, this phenomenon became (in)famous in the seventies and eighties over in the United States but other nations were anything but immune. In a nutshell, some countries found themselves in a bit of an economic predicament in light of the fact that they had


China’s Ambivalent Relationship with Western Tech Giants: Google, Amazon, etc.

In the proverbial West, it is difficult to envision an Internet landscape which isn’t dominated by Google, Amazon and other Western behemoths, behemoths which have been fortifying their positions for so long that it is difficult to the point of impossible for their supremacy to be meaningfully threatened by newcomers. For example, in a heavily


A Chinese Perspective on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology

We have written our fair share of articles that pertain to blockchain technology or individual sectors of the blockchain world here on An article on China’s love/hate relationship with individual cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and the thousands of altcoins that exist), which can be accessed by clicking HERE An article on China’s far better relationship with


Gambling in China? Demand, Legislative Landscape and Solutions

Yes, gambling is illegal in China and technically speaking, any form of gambling has been outlawed since the Communist Party of China took over back in 1949. As such, at this point in time, anything from playing poker among friends with anything other than “make-pretend” money to gambling online is prohibited and punishable by law.


“Gamers” in China: The Remarkable Growth of China’s Online Gaming Sector

With an impressive $4.25 billion in gaming-related revenue projected for 2020 (a 0.8% YOY growth rate) and roughly 325 million gamers (a 2.1% YOY growth rate), it should come as no surprise that the stakes are remarkably high when it comes to China’s online gaming industry, in light of it representing the global leader in


The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)… Industry?

In its journey toward (economic) world domination, China needs any edge it can get and in the eyes of the Beijing authorities, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) represents just that: something China-specific that can be used as an economic growth engine. For the sake of clarity, please note that this is not a medical article and


China’s (Booming) Vitamin and Dietary Supplements (VDS) Market

The Vitamin and Dietary Supplements market represents yet another example of a booming industry that China is poised to dominate, with Roland Berger data indicating the fact that the market is expected to find support north of $40 billion by 2023, boasting an impressive 14% CAGR. These figures should (of course, this is dependent on


Pet Ownership in China: A Surprising Mega-Trend

Ask any elderly Chinese citizen to describe let’s say a “textbook” urban scene from back when he was young and ask an American to do the same. Among other differences, you will most likely notice that pets are absent from the description of the elderly Chinese. Contrary to popular belief, pets are anything but completely


There’s No Business Like (Chinese) Show Business? A Glimpse into China’s Entertainment Industry

Here at, we have developed the habit of mentioning the fact that longing Chinese assets without meaningfully “betting” on China’s rising middle class is a sub-optimal strategy at best. For reasons which range from China’s growth model transitioning from production/exports/infrastructure to domestic consumption to a wide range of metrics which paint the picture of


The Sustainability of China’s Pension System… or Lack Thereof

According to 2019 survey data, the broader topic of social security represents the #3 area of interest of the average Chinese citizen at this point in time, with the rule of law occupying position #2 and corruption being the #1 culprit. Upon reconciling 2019 data with numbers from previous years, we end up realizing that