Investing in China


Things To Know Before Doing Business In China

If you’re contemplating doing business in China, there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of before making any official decisions. The more cognizant you are of how China differs from the U.S., the more significant of an advantage you’ll have. Having a deep understanding of Chinese culture, government and business practices can


5 Reasons to Invest in China Besides Their Growth

When it comes to China, one of the first things that you hear of when mentioning their economy is their amazing growth rate. The Chinese economy has doubled roughly every 8 years for the past 40 years. This level of economic growth is on par for one of the best in history and is obviously


Should China (… and Other Nations) Give Markets What They Want?

Markets can be… let’s just say quite convincing. When those in charge of governments and central banks see prices collapsing and the thought crosses their mind that the financial system or even economic model could collapse on their watch, a very strong incentive to simply give the market what it wants emerges. But what if


Are Chinese Asset Investors Ready for an “Aggressive Fiscal Stimulus” Paradigm?

In this author’s opinion, at least, economists are underestimating the fiscal stimulus “demands” the market is making, especially in light of the fact that the let us call them ammunition levels of central banks have seen better days. Gone are the days when for example the United States criticized China for weakening its currency so


Key Ways That the US and Chinese Governments Differ

If you’re thinking about investing or opening up a business in China, it can be incredibly important to understand the differences between the two government structures. Heading in with the expectation that it will be “business as usual” could lead to costly mistakes. This is especially true when governments have such stark differences, as is


Individual Disaster Preparedness or “Prepping” in China vs. the West

In a previous article, we have covered large-scale disaster preparedness/management from the perspective of China as well as Western nations and have tried to explain that different countries have different let’s call them aggressive action tolerance thresholds. As such, it would be difficult to assume that action as drastic as in Wuhan could be taken


Large-Scale Disaster Preparedness and Management in China vs. the West

If there is one thing the Covid-19 situation has made clear, it’s that more attention needs to be paid to the large-scale disaster preparedness and management dimension. In other words, to the manner in which countries are prepared to tackle proverbial white as well as black swans, whether we are referring to a virus and


The Dangers of Hoarding in China and Elsewhere

Time and time again, calamities such as the Covid-19 situation bring out both the best and worst in people, from heroes who self-sacrifice for the benefit of others to those who embrace full-on “survival mode” and couldn’t care less what happens to those outside their social circle. And when it comes to the latter, hoarding


Margin Called When Trading Chinese Assets: What to Do?

In a previous article, we have made it clear or at least tried to make it clear that for Chinese assets at least, riding trading positions until liquidation is not exactly the wisest of approaches. Before continuing with this post, we would strongly recommend reading the article in question by clicking HERE and, in a


Internet Security In China And How It Impacts U.S. Companies

Internet security in China is drastically different than in the United States. The two cultures have very different ideas of what is and isn’t allowed. This can create a lot of issues for American companies that want to do business in China (especially those which deal with technology or the internet). As an investor, it’s