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The Flight from (Over-)Regulation to and From China?

Time and time again, public discourse ends up being dominated by headlines revolving around government intervention, more specifically what is expected by the government when it comes to a wide range of public interest topics. For example: What should governments do to tackle global warming? What should governments do to tackle inequality? What should governments


A Chinese Perspective on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology

We have written our fair share of articles that pertain to blockchain technology or individual sectors of the blockchain world here on An article on China’s love/hate relationship with individual cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and the thousands of altcoins that exist), which can be accessed by clicking HERE An article on China’s far better relationship with


Personal Freedoms in China: Westernization/Legalization vs. Traditionalism

The economic interconnectedness we keep referring to here at is more than just a buzz word, because its ramifications move well beyond the realm of economics. To (over)simplify, economic interconnectedness leads to continuous transfers, not just transfers that are economic in nature (transfers of wealth, technology and so on) but also anything from political


Monopolies and Oligopolies in China: Entrepreneurship Deterrent?

Few things are more conducive to entrepreneurship-driven economic growth than a level playing field, than an economic reality which enables anyone with a dream to go for it. Think of it as the difference between achieving centralized economic growth that is “orchestrated” by the state and achieving “organic” growth in a free market framework by


Freedom of Speech (or Lack Thereof) in China: Why Should Investors Care?

As explained through previous articles, a perspective backed by data from prestigious international organizations, China is severely lacking in the let’s say human rights department. Freedom of speech represents the most obvious example to that effect, so it would be downright juvenile to attempt an analysis of a seriously-asked “Does China have a freedom of


(How) Does China Control Media Outlets?

The many contradictions which lie at the very core of media outlets are nothing short of fascinating. On the one hand, these media outlets (mainstream media as well as alternative media) are very effective at shaping the opinion of the average content consumer. Many outlets, when reaching out to me with interview requests or other


Is China’s Economy a Ponzi Scheme?

Quite a few analysts have voiced concerns that China’s economy is essentially a Ponzi scheme which needs perpetual growth to sustain itself. From the (in)famous South China Morning Post op-ed of Jake Van Der Camp to a wide range of criticism by Kyle Bass and other financial media opinion formers, it has become clear that


Is “Bad Debt” (Only) Piling Up in China?

After the (in)famous Great Recession of 2007-2008, the average observer started paying more and more attention to the banking system. Why? Simply because the Great Recession made it clear that there are visible cracks in the financial system, anything from a quasi-incestuous relationship between the financial system and the banking system to issues pertaining to


Facebook’s Libra Crypto Project from a Chinese Perspective: Will China Play Ball?

Before trying to form an opinion on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project and what it looks like from China’s perspective, we would strongly recommend reading three of our previous articles: First of all, an article through which we have explained why China has a love-hate relationship which is actually quite a bit closer to the “hate”


Does China Hate Blockchain Technology?

In a previous article, we have made it clear that China tends to have a pronounced love/hate (with more of an emphasis on the “hate” dimension) relationship with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, primarily due to the fact that cryptocurrencies can represent a capital flight option. In other words, Chinese citizens who want to do anything