Trends in China


The (Economic) Future of China and That of the United States: A Few Long-Term Thoughts

When analyzing current China and US-related events, it is easy to succumb to the temptation of focusing exclusively on the past (historic trade volume patterns, GDP growth rates, etc.) and the present (describing whichever issue is currently “hot” or let’s say widely-debated), without giving enough thought to the future, especially longer-term considerations. As such, this


China’s Great Firewall: From Ideology Enforcement to Trade Barrier?

China’s Great Firewall represents yet another example which makes it clear that investors who view China through a Western lens will be in for more than a few shocking surprises. As much as the Internet has been a massive source of freedom in the Western world pretty much right from the beginning, it has been


China’s Service Sector: An Increasingly Important Growth Engine?

As an analyst who is interested in thoroughly covering China, the most frustrating aspect associated with addressing concerns is represented by the various myth one has to inevitably debunk. One of the top myths, perhaps the number one culprit, is that China is overly-dependent on industrial production and in the mind of the average Westerner,


China’s Industry and Manufacturing Sector: Past Performance vs. Current Trends

China’s industry and manufacturing dimension is a textbook example of a sector that has experienced tremendous growth, with output having risen more than 300% over the past 10 years and currently sitting well north of 100 trillion CNY. Despite its impressive size and the fact that it accounts for almost 50% of global manufacturing output


China’s Tech Industry: From Copy/Paste to Innovation

It’s not exactly a secret that the early days of China’s tech industry, just like the early days of pretty much all of its other sectors, revolved around let’s say “importing” technology if we were to be elegant, whereas others (especially US entities) would most likely choose more blunt terminology. In other words, something which


Is China Overrated or Underrated?

The short answer is… well, yes! To elaborate, it’s important to understand that people always love picking sides, picking a proverbial team that they stand behind. And investors are… you’ve guessed it, people. As such, they tend to see things as either black or white, with little to no room for grey areas. China has


China and Modern-Day (Post-Reform) Imports: From Bumpy Road to Culture-Altering Phenomenon

December of 1978 marks a momentous occasion, with China’s reforms finally giving foreign players reasonable access to its domestic market and as of 1979, major companies starting taking advantage of the fact that imports were allowed by China, with Japan’s Panasonic, the US companies IBM as well as Coca-Cola and French Pierre Cardin being among


Demographic Trends in China Over (Almost) Half a Century

Over the past let’s say 40 years, much like most of the other aspects associated with China, there have been quite a few noteworthy developments when it comes to demographic trends, with implications when it comes to anything from education and family consumption habits to tourism and the pension system. In the 60s, China’s birth