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(More or Less Misunderstood) Consumption Trends in China: Consumerism on Steroids?

Time and time again, observers find certain consumption trends in China downright peculiar. For example, why on Earth has there been such a surge in luxury spending and generally speaking, spending meant to impress the proverbial Chinese version of the Jones family in a country that used to be plagued by debilitating poverty a few


The Cultural “Westernization” of China: Hollywood, Pop Culture and Their Economic Effects

In a world tailor-made to the specifications of the Communist Party of China (in a let’s say ideal scenario from the perspective of the CPC), the population of China would reject any and all Western components, elements the Party considers detrimental to its very self-preservation interests. Unfortunately for the CPC, that’s not exactly how things


Life Expectancy in China: Past, Present, Trends and Implications

There are few metrics which make it more obvious just how far along China has come than life expectancy-related ones. In the first half of the sixties for example, the average life expectancy at birth in China was well over 50 years, in line with severely under-developed nations. It was only as of 1966 that


Overseas Chinese and Their Economic Impact: Weaponizing China’s Diaspora?

Everything’s big in… not Texas, but rather China. Here on, we have referred to more than enough metrics which indicate just that, whether it’s China’s roughly 1.4 billion population, its GDP (#2 worldwide in nominal terms), its dominance with respect to a wide range of industries/dimensions, from “usual suspects” such as infrastructure spending to


The Sustainability of China’s Pension System… or Lack Thereof

According to 2019 survey data, the broader topic of social security represents the #3 area of interest of the average Chinese citizen at this point in time, with the rule of law occupying position #2 and corruption being the #1 culprit. Upon reconciling 2019 data with numbers from previous years, we end up realizing that


1 Out of 5 Human Beings Is Han Chinese… and Why You Should Care

To avoid confusions, we would like to make it clear right from the beginning that we are strictly referring to the Han Chinese population rather than ~1.4 billion Chinese population in general. However, as mentioned in another article, roughly 91.65% of all Chinese citizens are Han Chinese (in other words, almost 1.3 billion individuals). If


China’s Ethnic Groups in a Nutshell: Minorities Under the Microscope

While most people tend to identify China with the Han ethnic group (and rightfully so, given the fact that there are over 1.2 billion Han Chinese, or approximately 91.65% of China’s population according to the 6th National Population Census of the People’s Republic of China, conducted back in 2010), it is important to realize that


How Many Languages (Dialects?) Are Used in China?

To meaningfully wrap your head around China, digging deep is the only way to go and there is certainly more to it than just crunching some economic numbers. This is why, here on, we frequently refer to anything from Chinese dynasties to the cultural dimension because without giving adequate attention to these (vital) variables,


Social Tensions in China: Are Civil Unrest Scenarios Realistic?

Too many Western observers make the mistake of assuming that just because China is run in a manner they consider authoritarian, it is somehow immune to social tensions. This attitude is short-sighted at best because whether we are talking about authoritarian regimes where it seems those in charge have everything under strict control or let’s


As (Not) Seen on TV: China’s Poorest Regions

Time and time again, Western media depictions of China involve prosperous neighborhoods from Beijing or Shanghai, industrial success stories such as Shenzhen and so on. At the political level, the same principle tends to be valid in many cases, for example president Donald Trump criticizing China for continuing to define itself as a developing nation