Innovation in China


The Next Frontier: China’s Space Travel Ambitions

It is quasi-axiomatic to state that China is interested in eventually becoming the world’s #1 superpower by employing a wide range of strategies: fostering robust domestic consumption and the transition to a model which enables China to leverage its increasingly prosperous middle class, establishing itself as a soft power that represents a desirable trading partner


Wealth Management in China: New Frontier or Pipe Dream?

As explained on more than one occasion here on, tremendous wealth has been built in China since let’s say the Deng Xiaoping reform days. However, we would be painting an incomplete picture of reality by limiting ourselves to the previous statement. In the spirit of precision, we need to make it clear that two


The Chinese BAT: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent

As far as Western consumers are concerned, perhaps those one can consider tech-savvy have heard about this Chinese trio, colloquially referred to as the BAT group: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Everyone else… not so much, despite the fact that roughly 60% of the time spent by Chinese Internet users online ends up being related to


China’s Love/Hate Relationship with Bitcoin and Crypto

It’s impossible not to follow bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without noticing how important the Chinese variable is and has been, despite the authorities in China having little love for digital currencies. In other words, the “love” dimension of the relationship is represented by the fact that a lot of Chinese INVESTORS want to have bitcoin/crypto exposure,


China and Exotic Assets: From Domain Names to Cryptocurrencies

There are quite a few jokes floating around asset management circles about the lack of sophistication exhibited by the average Chinese investor compared to more experienced investors from the West. But… well, the joke is on them because this lack of sophistication is temporary at best and in some cases, such claims actually turn out


Surprising Industries China Is Currently Dominating

There are countless stories surrounding China’s potential: industries that are likely to grow, its GDP per Capita which is also likely to go up and the list could go on and on. “Potential” is perhaps the most commonly-used word to describe aspects related to emerging economies but when it comes to China at this point


China’s Top Artificial Intelligence Companies – A Quick Analysis

It is unfortunately that the myth about China not having the ability to pull its weight when it comes to hi-tech is still being perpetuated. While this has been true while China was playing technological catch-up with the rest of the world, it is no longer the case. At this point and beyond, there is


China’s Positive Impact on the World in 7 (Recent) Examples

When it comes to a lot of media outlets (the overwhelming majority), it’s a well-known fact that controversy sells and that negative news or analysis tends to improve ratings. As such, while we tend to hear a lot about the things that are less than stellar in China, far less attention is given to the


China and the Internet of Things (… of Everything, Really)

A common theme here on is making it clear that the image of a country that’s dependent on the exports of low value-added products has nothing to do with 21st century China because: It’s no longer as dependent on exports, with over two thirds of its GDP being internal consumption-driven China is the global


The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Sectors in China: Some Might Surprise You!

Right off the bat, it’s important to make it clear that one of our most important goals at is making it clear that a lot of the things people considered quasi-axioms about China have either always been wrong or they were at one point correct but are no longer accurate. As such, you might