Investing in China


China’s White Swans: Preparing for the (Un)Expected?

Say what you will about economist Nouriel Roubini but he does have a valid point when it comes to his more recent work, which revolves around the idea that as interesting as the concept of preparing for black swans may be, white swans also deserve our attention. Before continuing with this article, we would recommend


How to Start Investing in China

If you’ve been looking for new markets to tap into to broaden your investing horizon, then you’ve probably landed on China. If you haven’t contemplated starting yet, take a few minutes and scan a few other articles we’ve written, with most of them being displayed over at our New Here page in a logical as


Margin Trading Explained: Should You Trade Chinese Assets Using Leverage?

A lot of individuals claim they’re interested in “grabbing a piece of the China pie” without realizing that there are a wide range of roads they can take to achieve said goal. Needless to say, each road/option comes with its own risk factor and no matter which one you end up going with, there are


What the Market Capitalization (Market Cap) of Chinese Assets Does and (Especially) Doesn’t Tell Us

Time and time again, the market capitalization of a certain asset (from stocks to cryptocurrencies) is used as a (somewhat) misleading selling point by those interested in painting a bullish/optimistic narrative and the exact same principle is valid when it comes to Chinese assets. To put it differently, commentators interested in pushing a bullish narrative


Is China Overvalued or Undervalued?

We live in a most peculiar financial landscape, which involves the unsustainable being pretty much accepted as status quo: central banks that have injected record-breaking amounts of liquidity into the financial system in correlation with keeping interest rates either at (pretty much) zero or even negative, asset bubbles which have emerged across the board as


Will China Ever Respect Human Rights by Western Standards?

Whenever such sensitive topics pop up, authors are tempted to start an article with a highly nuanced first paragraph, usually one which explains how complex and open to interpretation from various angles a certain topic is. When it comes to this article, in the spirit of being blunt to the point of brutally honest, we


Understanding China FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

It is quote common for there to be a quasi-permanent battle on all fronts between bears (those who believe a certain asset is overvalued and that prices will go down) and bulls (those who believe the exact opposite, that a certain asset will go up in value). Some bulls and bears have no skin in


“Predicting” Tops and Bottoms: Does Time in the (Chinese) Market Beat Timing the Market?

It is oftentimes considered quasi-axiomatic that “time in” the market (having exposure to certain assets) beats “timing” the market, in other words beats trying to predict tops and bottoms. Some market participants swear by this adage, others roll their eyes due to considering it so overly-used that it lost all substance. What does the


Incompetence in China: Causes, Context and Coping Mechanisms

Whether you are interested in setting up shop in China or in simply gaining exposure to Chinese assets in a (relatively) passive manner, the team believes in being upfront and making it clear right off the bat that yes, incompetence will represent one of the major issues you will undoubtedly come across and to


Counterparty Risk in China: A Potential Deal Breaker?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we want to make it perfectly clear that is in no way here to “pitch” China as the perfect jurisdiction. In fact, there are countless articles which revolve around the exact opposite, the fact that there are significant drawbacks associated with launching a business in China, working with