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The Thucydides Trap: Is China – US Military Escalation Inevitable?

An exclusively history-oriented analytical framework with respect to Sino-American tensions yields “predictions” that seem downright worrisome, for example implications of the “Thucydides Trap” paradigm, a term coined by Graham Allison (Harvard professor/historian) and which refers to the idea that when rivalry between an emerging power (in our case China) and the status quo dominant power


China in the Context of a (Great) Depression?

Time and time again, analysts are voicing concerns about a potential recession in China, especially in a post-coronavirus framework. For example, scenarios which involve let’s say a one-year economic contraction, with the many consequences this brings about… not just for China but for everyone else as well, in the context of a deeply interconnected economy


China and the USSR: Ideological Common Denominators, Past Challenges and Modern-Day Russian Perspectives

The Sino – Russian dimension of geopolitics (with its economic as well as military implications) is without a doubt a key piece in the “understanding China” puzzle and for this reason, we have dedicated an entire article to it that you can access by clicking HERE. However, referring to China’s relationships with modern-day Russia exclusively


The Macao (Macau) Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Ask one hundred individuals to name the first gambling destination they think of and more likely than not, most of them will think about Las Vegas. Some might mention Monaco, Atlantic City or other destinations but… Macau? Probably not. At least not as far as the average individual is concerned and this is perhaps a


China and Hong Kong: The Complex History of a (Highly) Sensitive Topic

In light of the dramatic protests which have taken place as a result of an initiative which revolves around “Hong Kong to mainland China” extradition, more and more otherwise uninterested observers have become… well, interested in this currently hot news story. However, a few superficial “one-liners” spouted by various more or less historically ignorant pundits


Hua Guofeng – Successor or Placeholder?

When you have two historical figures such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping who cast remarkably wide shadows, one problem which arises is that historical accuracy tends to sometimes also be buried under those shadows. In an earlier article, we’ve made it clear that not enough attention is usually given to Zhou Enlai despite him


Zhou Enlai: From Voice of Reason to Reform Facilitator?

Here at, it’s almost impossible to write a detailed article about China with a meaningful historic dimension without mentioning Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping… or both of them in quite a few cases. The same principle is valid when it comes to pretty much all China-oriented publications, so to say that Mao and Deng tend


The Role and Structure of the Communist Party of China

Before reading this post, we would strongly recommend reading our article about the history of the Communist Party of China so as to have the proper historic context needed to meaningfully understand the current role of the Communist Party of China and, of course, its structure. Right from the beginning, it makes sense to point


From Tumultuous Part to Present-Day Domination: The History of the Communist Party of China

Few observers are unaware of just how dominant the Communist Party of China is nowadays, with its 85+ million members and firm grip across pretty much all socio-politico-economic dimensions of China. In fact, here at, we frequently include aspects pertaining to the Communist Party of China in our analysis… and rightfully so because if


Understanding the Renminbi/Yuan: History, Context and Perspectives

Ask the average Westerner a thing or two about China’s currency and he will most likely explain that he KNOWS it is highly, grossly, outrageously devalued (especially if we are referring to individuals who actively watch the news and are most likely well aware of the significant trade tensions between China and the United States).