(Coronavirus) Pandemics in China… and Elsewhere

In light of how much exposure the topic has received and in light of the fact that the effects of a pandemic (from the far more systemically serious coronavirus/covid-19 to the less problematic bird flu or anything else) most definitely go well beyond the medical dimension (with the economic one also being in the spotlight),


Putting the “B” in BRICS: China and Brazil

Brazil-China relations can be tracked all the way back to 1812 but ended up being frozen in 1949, once the People’s Republic of China was created, as was the case with other nations as well. However, approximately a quarter of a century later, they were re-established, with Brazil opening an embassy in Beijing and China


China and South Africa: A Strategic Comprehensive Partnership

It is about time to give a fair bit of attention to the economic and geopolitical relations between China and South Africa. After all, we have covered the China – BRICS dimension through a dedicated article on the one hand and on the other hand, we have also analyzed the relationship between China and two


China and Australia: From Double-Digit Two-Way Trade Growth to Geopolitical Tensions

It would be a severe understatement to call Sino-Australian relations confusing because the more a casual observer researches, the more he or she tends to be bombarded with downright contradictory signals. In no particular order, here are just a few examples of information that seems to point toward one clear direction when taken in isolation


China’s Relationship with the United Kingdom from a Potential Post-Brexit Bilateral Trade Deal Perspective

Formally speaking, the Brexit has indeed taken place, a Brexit debacle that generated immense market-wide frustration in light of the (many!) failed negotiation attempts and quasi-ubiquitous lack of clarity when it comes to pretty much any imaginable topic. From reaching pragmatic agreements with the European Union to perhaps another Brexit vote, scenarios abounded to such


Is China Antifragile?

In light of how often the adversarial relationships between either China and the United States or China and the proverbial West are discussed, one might assume that China always stands to gain after negative developments in the United States and/or in the West. Antifragility is a term popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (and which constitutes


From Fake News Originating from China to… Fake News Targeting China

One of the main reasons behind our decision of launching and turning it into the comprehensive information source it is shaping up to become was represented by the worrying degree to which misinformation, half-truths and even downright fake news is spreading. This reality, in the context of the volatile (from more than one perspective)


The United States and China in a Cold War 2.0 Context?

More and more market observers are using terms such as ”Cold War 2.0” to describe a potential trajectory with respect to the obvious tensions between China and the United States. This discussion gives the team a reasonable enough context to make one of its viewpoints perfectly clear: it might be wise to stop imagining


Is China’s Economic Growth Hurting Other Countries?

When it comes to matters of economics, the team firmly believes it is crucial to take a certain topic that perhaps asks a surface-level question and gradually dig deeper, until the root issue is finally addressed. By now, it should be obvious to anyone who hasn’t been living under a proverbial rock that tensions


From Petrodollar to… Petroyuan?

What makes a currency valuable? In the past, the value of a currency was largely derived from the fact that it was fully backed by precious metals. Precious metals which are scarce and possess a wide range of properties that made them a solid choice from a monetary perspective at that point in time. The