The China – Mexico – United States Triangular Relationship: 1/5 of Worldwide Commerce and the Story Behind It

From many perspectives, China and Mexico can be considered competitors, especially when it comes to their goal of securing as much in terms of US market share for their exports as possible. Needless to say, it would be a “bit” of an understatement to point out that Mexico is highly dependent on the United States,


China and Thailand: A Pillar of ASEAN Stability?

For a very extended period of time, Siam/Thailand managed to figure out ways to effectively preserve its independence, primarily by appeasing the strongest powers of the time. Up until the 1850s, this strategy revolved around appeasing China due to it most definitely being the elephant in the room. As of that point and until the


China and Vietnam Relations: From Millennial Turbulence to Modern-Day Incentives

China and Vietnam have been “in touch” geopolitically since well before many other of today’s nations were even close to being on the map, so let’s just say we can safely check the track record box. Furthermore, their shared border is almost in the 1,300 km zone and as such, there is most definitely enough


China and Syria: A Key Piece of the Regional Geopolitical Puzzle?

Geopolitical discussions pertaining to Syria tend to primarily revolve around Russia and Iran, with China oftentimes receiving far less attention. A most peculiar state of affairs in light of the fact that China sees Syria as a critical element with respect to its long-term goal of exerting dominance in the Middle East, a region multiple


Are China – United States Proxy Wars a Genuine Threat?

This article represents a textbook example of a post that could be shortened to precisely one sentence that answers the question which constitutes its title: no, China – US proxy wars do not represent a genuine threat, at least not at this point in time. However, we believe in digging deep here at and


Democrats, Republicans and… Chinese Interests: Does China Prefer the Republican or Democratic Party?

The internal Democratic Party race which ultimately established who the final Democrat candidate for the 2020 presidential elections will be (Joe Biden) got us thinking about, of course, the manner in which these candidates are perceived by China. More specifically: Delaware’s Joe Biden, a let’s call him centrist by Democrat standards or, if you will,


Geopolitical and Trade Relations Between China and Saudi Arabia

US – Iran tensions have essentially compelled the team to cover China’s relationship with Iran a bit sooner than we would have normally planned to, through an article which we invite you to read by clicking HERE. That being stated, however, your perspective on the current US – Iran situation and China’s interests in


(Coronavirus) Pandemics in China… and Elsewhere

In light of how much exposure the topic has received and in light of the fact that the effects of a pandemic (from the far more systemically serious coronavirus/covid-19 to the less problematic bird flu or anything else) most definitely go well beyond the medical dimension (with the economic one also being in the spotlight),


Putting the “B” in BRICS: China and Brazil

Brazil-China relations can be tracked all the way back to 1812 but ended up being frozen in 1949, once the People’s Republic of China was created, as was the case with other nations as well. However, approximately a quarter of a century later, they were re-established, with Brazil opening an embassy in Beijing and China


China and South Africa: A Strategic Comprehensive Partnership

It is about time to give a fair bit of attention to the economic and geopolitical relations between China and South Africa. After all, we have covered the China – BRICS dimension through a dedicated article on the one hand and on the other hand, we have also analyzed the relationship between China and two