China and the Philippines: “Pivot to China” Despite South China Sea Tensions?

According to Pew Research Center data, over 90% of those who live in the Philippines are worried that tensions around geopolitical hot spots such as the South China Sea between China and its neighbors could lead to a military confrontation. And, indeed, the Philippines is a significant variable in the South China Sea equation, with


China and Indonesia: ~1.7 Billion Reasons to Find Common Denominators

The #1 country worldwide in terms of population (China) and the #4 nation by the same metric (Indonesia) do indeed have roughly 1.7 billion reasons (their combined population) to engage in economic cooperation and identify common geopolitical denominators. And historically speaking, common denominators abound. The “first meaningful contact” moment between the two entities dates back


China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

It is close to impossible for China not to have some kind of a relationship with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN, for the sake of convenience) in light of the fact that it shares deep ties with its 10 member states, which range from historical and cultural to more pragmatic geographical and economic


China, Inner Mongolia and… (Outer) Mongolia?

Misconceptions around this topic abound, starting with the very status of Mongolia itself. Is Mongolia an independent nation? Yes. Is Mongolia a part of China? Kind of. Does “Outer” Mongolia exist? Kind of… but not really. If you were not confused by now, you most certainly are at this point, so it is time to


The (Trade but Not Exclusively Trade) Relationship Between China and Malaysia

Despite there not being a border between the two countries, China and Malaysia share deep ties, anything from ethnicity-related ones (with a quarter of Malaysia’s population consisting of Malaysian Chinese after a migration phenomenon that occurred several centuries ago, although sociological data tends to indicate that they don’t necessarily identify as Chinese) to the economic


Money Talks: China’s Geopolitical Friends and Enemies

As cliche as the term may be, “money talks” represents perhaps the best possible two-word combination when it comes to accurately describing the current state of Sino-centric geopolitics. Frankly, the name of the game for those serious about embracing a realistic perspective on China’s geopolitical relationships is realizing that the sheer size of China’s economy


Donald Trump’s Love (?) – Hate Relationship with China

A rather compelling case can be made that no other US leader has been as vocal when it comes to pinpointing China as the number one adversary of the United States than Donald Trump. Of course, US leaders have steadily criticized all sorts of Chinese business practices, China’s various problems with respect to human rights


China’s Military Capabilities: From Past Suboptimality to Present-Day Strenght and Future Potential

As a bit of a historical perspective, we would recommend reading our article on China’s military sector before analyzing this one. If possible, it would perhaps be a good idea to also read our article about NATO’s more than complex relationship with China and after reading both, the following conclusion will inevitable emerge: the idea


The Macao (Macau) Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Ask one hundred individuals to name the first gambling destination they think of and more likely than not, most of them will think about Las Vegas. Some might mention Monaco, Atlantic City or other destinations but… Macau? Probably not. At least not as far as the average individual is concerned and this is perhaps a


Is China a NATO Concern That Dwarfs Russia?

When it comes to NATO’s geopolitical risk assessment framework with respect to Russia, it’s ultimately all a matter of reconciling the fact that Russia does indeed possess deadly military capabilities (especially its nuclear arsenal, large enough to wipe out all life many times over) with the economic reality that Russia has a GDP between that