China and South Korea’s Economic Relationship, With a Focus on the United States Variable

It would in no way be an understatement to consider South Korea one of the most obvious victims of the trade tensions between China and the United States. In light of the fact that 4 out of 10 external shipments of South Korea have either China or the US as their destination, let’s just say


An “Under the Hood” Analysis of China’s Relationship With Russia

In light of the trade fears surrounding the United States and China, it should come as no surprise that the ties between China and Russia seem closer than ever. However, despite this reality, it is worth noting that the dynamic between the two is also burdened by a series of problematic variables, from territorial aspects


China and Japan: Robust Trading Partners, Geopolitical Frenemies

It is hard to discuss China and Japan without mentioning the many geopolitical tensions that are plaguing the diplomatic relationships between the world’s #2 and #3 countries by nominal GDP. However, even diplomatic relationships that seem blocked can display signs of volatility, especially in light of the serious concerns both of these countries are manifesting


The (In)Famous China – United States Trade Relationship

Perhaps the most important aspect to understand about the trade-related tensions between China and the United States is the fact that the stakes are extremely high. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, China is currently the most significant trading partner of the United States, with roughly $737 billion in goods and


The Dynamic of China’s Relationship with the European Union

With all of the attention the trade relationship of China and the United States is receiving, China’s dynamic with the European Union from a trade perspective tends to be less discussed. However, this doesn’t stop the European Union from being China’s main trading partner or China from representing the second trading partner of the European


China, the United States and the EU in the Context of the Next Financial Crisis

Never before has this much time passed between recessions than at this point, with the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis (commonly referred to as the Great Recession) seeming like a distant memory… this should mean it’s time to celebrate, right? After all, so much prosperity that will seemingly never end must be a good thing… or


China and Africa: Natural Allies?

The relationship between China and Africa, at least when it came to the political dimension, became apparent back when Mao Zedong shared his worldview about there being a First World (the richest countries on the planet), Second World (average economies) and a Third World (poorer nations). Interestingly enough, he included China in the Third World


The Current State of China – US Relations

One might say that Richard Nixon’s 1972 China visit represented the first brick in a China – US international relations dynamic that expanded dramatically as of Deng Xiaoping’s term. For the most part, it can be considered a success story due to its combination between competition and cooperation. However… things are most definitely trickier in