From Economic Lockdown to… Great Depression?

Nowadays, it seems that every expert and his dog is predicting a Great Depression and this fact alone should make it clear that perhaps it would be wise to think things through a bit more carefully. Time and time again, the team has explained that while stereotypes have played and continue to play a


Was the Coronavirus Crisis a Black or White Swan Event?

Time and time again, experts have referred to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a black swan event, something that essentially appears out of the blue and catches us completely off-guard. Nassim Taleb, the thinker who popularized the “black swan” concept, however, would beg to differ. Furthermore, those who have read the book through which he


China in an Age of Corporate Socialism

In a previous article, we have made it clear that bailouts have become the status quo response in pretty much any jurisdiction, from China to the United States and… even with the many controversies and frustrations involved, yes, the European Union. In fact, before continuing with this article, we would strongly recommend clicking HERE so


The Implications of 2020’s Bailouts in China and… Pretty Much Everywhere Else?

Right from the very beginning of the COVID-19 situation (before it was even called COVID-19), China made it clear that it will do whatever it takes to bail out companies and, indeed, it has injected vast quantities of capital into the proverbial system to ensure companies stay afloat (especially in light of the fact that


Coronavirus Economic Prediction for China

Earlier this year, the world was plunged into a new reality, one ushered in by the novel coronavirus. First, we experienced a new short-term reality that kept people at home almost indefinitely and shuttered all businesses that didn’t sell essential items such as food. Now, countries are facing a long-term reality that depends mainly on


Domestic vs. International Demand: China in the Context of Significant Post-Pandemic Export Demand Surges… or Crashes?

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, before the name even became (in)famous and certainly well before the overwhelming majority of nations which are now battling the virus believed it would affect them, the equation in terms of the production of “essentials” (masks, protective equipment, etc.) seemed fairly straightforward: on the one hand, China


Meaningfully Understanding the China – World Bank Equation

As mentioned in our article about the International Monetary Fund’s relationship with China, the Republic of China joined the IMF in 1945 and in the same year, it joined the World Bank. However, things got quite tricky after the Chinese Civil War ended and the People’s Republic of China emerged, for the simple reason that


China and the International Monetary Fund: (Oftentimes Incongruent) Regional and Global Dynamics

All the way back in 1945, the Republic of China (not to be confused with the post-1949 People’s Republic of China) was a co-founder of the International Monetary Fund, along with 34 other countries. Moving on to the People’s Republic of China, however, it was only as of 1980 that IMF ties were established, for


Is China’s Medical System Pandemic-Proof?

It makes perfect sense to put the Chinese medical system under the proverbial microscope with a clear or at least clearer head, now that the proper context for “digesting” the lessons we have (hopefully) learned after the Covid-19 crisis presents itself. Please note that this article will refer almost exclusively to what the Covid-19 pandemic


How China Achieved Their Economic Growth

When you talk about China, one of the first topics to be brought up is usually their economy. More often than not, the word “growth” is used, for example: “China has been growing at an unprecedented rate” “The Chinese economy has been growing every year for the past 40 years” “China is projected to keep