International Relations


Donald Trump’s Love (?) – Hate Relationship with China

A rather compelling case can be made that no other US leader has been as vocal when it comes to pinpointing China as the number one adversary of the United States than Donald Trump. Of course, US leaders have steadily criticized all sorts of Chinese business practices, China’s various problems with respect to human rights


Sino-American Business Relationships: From Political Rhetoric to Win-Win Real World Situations

If one were to exclusively believe media outlets with respect to the general state of Sino-American relations, it wouldn’t be the least bit difficult to arrive at the conclusion that we are in an economic war zone situation. However, it is worth noting that sometimes, there are two parallel economic universes: the political dimension on


China’s Military Capabilities: From Past Suboptimality to Present-Day Strenght and Future Potential

As a bit of a historical perspective, we would recommend reading our article on China’s military sector before analyzing this one. If possible, it would perhaps be a good idea to also read our article about NATO’s more than complex relationship with China and after reading both, the following conclusion will inevitable emerge: the idea


The Macao (Macau) Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Ask one hundred individuals to name the first gambling destination they think of and more likely than not, most of them will think about Las Vegas. Some might mention Monaco, Atlantic City or other destinations but… Macau? Probably not. At least not as far as the average individual is concerned and this is perhaps a


China and the Renminbi in the Context of a Currency Crisis?

On more than one occasion, we have discussed various scenarios which revolve around (potential) developments in China after a financial calamity here at In fact, an entire article has been dedicated to just that. However, these discussions have primarily revolved around a DEFLATIONARY environment, in other words scenarios such as a market crash which


Is China a NATO Concern That Dwarfs Russia?

When it comes to NATO’s geopolitical risk assessment framework with respect to Russia, it’s ultimately all a matter of reconciling the fact that Russia does indeed possess deadly military capabilities (especially its nuclear arsenal, large enough to wipe out all life many times over) with the economic reality that Russia has a GDP between that


The Chinese Variable in the United States “2020 Elections” Equation?

Like any shrewd negotiator, Donald Trump tries to always display strength but how much of this strength is dissimulated when it comes to the current trade tensions with China? Leaving click-bait headlines and eccentric tweets aside, it doesn’t take more than a healthy dose of common sense to understand that Donald Trump is in a


China, the Rise of Populism and (Geo)Political Correctness

Some of the most horrifying historical events are tied not directly but rather indirectly to financial calamities and the rise of populism in today’s Western world needs to be seen from precisely that perspective. In other words, it is historically unjustified to look for a simple “cause – effect” correlation, it tends to be remarkably


China and Capital Flight: From Risk Mitigation to Excessive Control?

No matter which industry you are involved it, you’ve most likely come across more or less frustrating measures in the sphere of capital controls when it comes to the Chinese dimension of the industry in question. From brick and mortar industry limitations to China banning practices pertaining to exotic industries such as cryptocurrency-related ones, the


Understanding the Renminbi/Yuan: History, Context and Perspectives

Ask the average Westerner a thing or two about China’s currency and he will most likely explain that he KNOWS it is highly, grossly, outrageously devalued (especially if we are referring to individuals who actively watch the news and are most likely well aware of the significant trade tensions between China and the United States).