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Chinese Diplomacy: From Low-Key Pragmatism to Assertiveness

Right from the very first article, we’ve made it clear that as peculiar of a paradox as it may seem, China was a huge economy (along with India, as outlined in the previously mentioned article) throughout most of its history without being all that interested in trading with other nations. As such, diplomacy was


(Why) Do China and Pakistan Have a Strong Relationship?

Right from the beginning of China’s post-1949 journey, Pakistan was among the first batch of nations who ended their diplomatic relationships with the Republic of China and, instead, established a new relationship with the People’s Republic of China (for more information, read our article about the China – Taiwan relationship). Since then, China has been


China and North Korea: Pragmatism vs. Alliance?

Scenarios abound when it comes to the politico-economic relationship between China and North Korea. Right from the beginning, it’s worth noting that a relationship of SOME nature is inevitable in light of the fact that the two nations share border that exceeds 1,400 kilometers. Even between neighbors with less than peaceful coexistence track records (not


China: The #1 Brexit Beneficiary?

Over the past few months, more and more analysts have been publishing potential scenarios which revolve around the idea that the number one Brexit beneficiary may very well end up being… China. As strange as it may seem, there are actually sound numbers behind that statement, but with a very significant caveat: the fact that


China’s (Growing) Interest and Influence in the Middle East

Ask any analyst to share his opinion on matters which pertain to the Middle East and you will most likely be asked how much time you have at your disposal, in light of the fact that the regional equation tends to be so complex that a significant investment of time is required to wrap your


South China Sea Geopolitics Simplified

It’s pretty much impossible to discuss the geopolitical realities of China (or Southeast Asia as a whole, for that matter) without putting the South China Sea situation in the spotlight. We can consider it a textbook “elephant in the room” case study. Or, in other words, a situation which has been complex for decades without


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): WB/IMF Threat or Complementary Solution?

It’s not even a matter of debate that China’s political influence has gone up tremendously, not just in the Asia-Pacific region but globally as well, with China reaching out in a meaningful manner to pretty much all geopolitical players, including African nations. However, this political influence frequently comes with a price tag, one that can


Looking at China Through a BRICS Lens

The initial term “BRIC” was coined by the chief economist of Goldman Sachs (Jim O’Neill) back in 2001 and referred to the world’s four most important emerging markets: Brazil, Russia, India and China. As of 2010, South Africa (the “S” dimension of BRICS) was added to the equation and right off the bat, it’s important


Intellectual Property Rights in China: From International Obligations to Conflict of Interests

One of the most widely used arguments when discussing the various episodes involving trade tensions between the United States and China has been the fact that billions of dollars are lost each year due to IP rights not being respected properly. On the one hand, you have China’s post-2017 commitment to stricter enforcement, with measures


Could China Win a Trade War Against the United States?

In light of the (relatively) recent concerns surrounding the possibility of trade tensions between China and the United State escalating in a dramatic manner, a lot of observers are undoubtedly asking themselves whether or not a trade war can actually be won. So, could China win a trade war against the United States? Yes. Could