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The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Sectors in China: Some Might Surprise You!

Right off the bat, it’s important to make it clear that one of our most important goals at ChinaFund.com is making it clear that a lot of the things people considered quasi-axioms about China have either always been wrong or they were at one point correct but are no longer accurate. As such, you might


A Brief Economic History of China

Starting an economic adventure in China as an investor without at the very least having a firm grasp on the very basics of its economic history would be a foolish mistakes. To that effect, I always encourage potential investors to start by analyzing the Angus Maddison database, which tracks the percentage of the world’s GDP


Can China’s GDP Keep Growing?

One of the most common concerns I come across during discussions concerning China’s impressive GDP growth track record is the fact that perhaps there’s just no longer all that much room to grow. And, sure, it’s understandable why this concern exists. Think about the fact that on the very homepage of this website, it’s written