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China and Capital Flight: From Risk Mitigation to Excessive Control?

No matter which industry you are involved it, you’ve most likely come across more or less frustrating measures in the sphere of capital controls when it comes to the Chinese dimension of the industry in question. From brick and mortar industry limitations to China banning practices pertaining to exotic industries such as cryptocurrency-related ones, the


The Role and Structure of the Communist Party of China

Before reading this post, we would strongly recommend reading our article about the history of the Communist Party of China so as to have the proper historic context needed to meaningfully understand the current role of the Communist Party of China and, of course, its structure. Right from the beginning, it makes sense to point


From Tumultuous Part to Present-Day Domination: The History of the Communist Party of China

Few observers are unaware of just how dominant the Communist Party of China is nowadays, with its 85+ million members and firm grip across pretty much all socio-politico-economic dimensions of China. In fact, here at, we frequently include aspects pertaining to the Communist Party of China in our analysis… and rightfully so because if


Can You “Get” China Without Understanding Confucius and Confucianism?

As important as it is to understand what made China’s most important leaders tick (especially relatively recent leaders) and as useful as it is to have a firm grasp on history (once again, especially China’s relatively recent history), we need to acknowledge that to truly “get” China, we need to move away from an exclusively


Understanding Laozi (Lao Tzu) and Daoism (Taoism)

There are pieces of information one can consider vital to an economic analysis that pertains to China, pieces of the puzzle without which the final construction makes little sense. China’s population, GDP and so on. There are, however, many tidbits of information in the “nuance” category. In other words, pieces of the puzzle one can


The Republic of China / ROC (1912 – 1949*): What You Need to Know and Why

With more and more Westerners interested in China, either out of pure intellectual curiosity in light of China’s economic as well as geopolitical ascension or as a result of proverbially having skin in the game (China-related investments), there is a growing demand for information related to the history of China. However, while Western interest in


China’s Great Firewall: From Ideology Enforcement to Trade Barrier?

China’s Great Firewall represents yet another example which makes it clear that investors who view China through a Western lens will be in for more than a few shocking surprises. As much as the Internet has been a massive source of freedom in the Western world pretty much right from the beginning, it has been


Is China One Huge Economic Bubble?

Whenever one comes across headlines such as those about China consuming more cement in two years than the United States throughout the entire 20th century, there’s a natural tendency to raise an eyebrow and wonder how sustainable China’s growth can be considered or even more so, if the entire construction isn’t actually just one huge


The Future of China’s Future: The Chinese Education System

It’s a quasi-axiom that by investing in its education system, a country is essentially investing in its future. From (relatively distant) historic examples such as Adam’s Smith work back in 1776 (when he claimed that the wealth of a nation lies not in the resources it can exploit but rather in the productive capacity of


Establishing a Business in China 101

Whether you are interested in establishing a business yourself or simply want exposure to Chinese assets, it would be wise to understand (at least broadly speaking) what the framework is with respect to the Chinese business interests of foreign entities. While China has had various initiatives with goals revolving around making it easier for foreigners