China Growth


The Auto Companies That Turned China Into the World’s #1 Auto Producer and Buyer

While the average US or European consumer may very well have never heard of a Chinese auto company, the fact remains that China is both the #1 producer of automobiles (with over 25 million passenger cars and over 4 million commercial vehicles for the year 2017 alone) and the #1 buyer of cars worldwide (with


Surprising Industries China Is Currently Dominating

There are countless stories surrounding China’s potential: industries that are likely to grow, its GDP per Capita which is also likely to go up and the list could go on and on. “Potential” is perhaps the most commonly-used word to describe aspects related to emerging economies but when it comes to China at this point


China’s Top Artificial Intelligence Companies – A Quick Analysis

It is unfortunately that the myth about China not having the ability to pull its weight when it comes to hi-tech is still being perpetuated. While this has been true while China was playing technological catch-up with the rest of the world, it is no longer the case. At this point and beyond, there is


China’s Positive Impact on the World in 7 (Recent) Examples

When it comes to a lot of media outlets (the overwhelming majority), it’s a well-known fact that controversy sells and that negative news or analysis tends to improve ratings. As such, while we tend to hear a lot about the things that are less than stellar in China, far less attention is given to the


China and the Internet of Things (… of Everything, Really)

A common theme here on is making it clear that the image of a country that’s dependent on the exports of low value-added products has nothing to do with 21st century China because: It’s no longer as dependent on exports, with over two thirds of its GDP being internal consumption-driven China is the global


Is China’s Economy Slowing Down?

China’s 2018 GDP ended up reaching 90 trillion Yuan (slightly over $13 trillion), a 6.6% YOY growth which represents the slowest pace since 1990. For 2019, the growth rate is estimated to be in the 6% to 6.5% zone. While these percentages may seem impressive by Western standards, they are not as impressive if one


China’s 2018 Economic Numbers and Outlook/Targets for 2019

After a 6.6% growth rate for 2018 (an almost three-decade low), China aims for an economic growth rate in the 6% to 6.5% zone and while this may seem less than impressive compared to the numbers of the past, it’s important to understand that the authorities are interested in transitioning to a more sustainable pace


The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Sectors in China: Some Might Surprise You!

Right off the bat, it’s important to make it clear that one of our most important goals at is making it clear that a lot of the things people considered quasi-axioms about China have either always been wrong or they were at one point correct but are no longer accurate. As such, you might


Can China’s GDP Keep Growing?

One of the most common concerns I come across during discussions concerning China’s impressive GDP growth track record is the fact that perhaps there’s just no longer all that much room to grow. And, sure, it’s understandable why this concern exists. Think about the fact that on the very homepage of this website, it’s written