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Does China Have Military Allies?

If we were to limit ourselves to putting a superficial perspective on the table, this article could end up being remarkably short, because “no, not really” would be the straightforward answer to the question which constitutes the title of this post. Does China have military allies? No, especially not if we are to see things


China in the Context of a Regional or Global Military Conflict

We have referred to the military dimension of China every now and then here on ChinaFund.com and have even written an article dedicated exclusively to its military sector, which we would recommend reading before getting started with the current article. As a bit of a “cliff notes” introduction, let’s just say that if we were


Alternative vs. Complementary: Should You “Pick a Side” When Investing in Chinese Assets?

It isn’t all that difficult to pick up on the fact that frustration is building up across all areas of society: Politics is becoming more and more fragmented, with those on the left as well as right being willing to embrace their respective extremes rather than work toward identifying common denominators People being willing to


Will China Become the World’s Next Number One Economic Superpower?

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, let us start with a straightforward answer and then spend the rest of the article elaborating and nuancing. And that answer is a definite… “probably” (apologies in the advance for the corny humor). Right off the bat, it is worth pointing out that when the productive potential of over


China and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in a Nutshell

In a previous article, we’ve put the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) under the microscope and while it cannot be considered a 100% homogeneous entity, it is… well, homogeneous enough to make analyzing it relatively straightforward. The same cannot be said about the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, established back in 1989 so as to nurture


China and Latin America: Infrastructure Investments, Sustainability Concerns and the US Variable

We have covered the trade relationships between China and various entities here on ChinaFund.com extensively, but Latin America has been for the most part ignored (other than the fact that Brazil was put under the microscope through our BRICS article). Through this article, it’s time to put an end to that and tackle one of


China and Singapore: From “Third China” Concerns to Pragmatic Friendship

Right from the beginning, it is worth pointing out that Singapore has always done its best to avoid being labeled as the “Third China” (with the other two being, of course, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China – Taiwan) in light of the fact that three of four Singapore citizens are


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) vs. Western Counterparts

The People’s Bank of China (abbreviated PBC, or more commonly PBOC) has been the world’s “richest” central bank by asset valuation since July of 2017, a valuation north of $3 trillion at the moment of writing. Just like any other central bank, the PBOC has responsibilities with respect to setting monetary policy and acting as


Censorship in China: A Multi-Generational Paradigm?

Pretty much all analysts acknowledge that censorship-related practices tend to be ubiquitous in China, with the main debates revolving around their effectiveness (or lack thereof). Of course, there is the occasional contrarian analyst who believes the issue is blown out of proportion but for the most part, the “Is censorship a significant issue in China?”


Trading Chinese Assets vs. “Buy and Hold”

The age-old question when it comes to wealth management, whether we’re referring to Chinese assets or anything else one can invest in: should you trade the asset in question (buy low, sell high, rinse and repeat… hopefully) or simply “passively” buy and hold? Right off the bat, it makes sense to start by making two