Collusion in China: Tacitly Tolerated or Meaningfully Tackled?

As mentioned in our article about cartels (one we encourage you to read by clicking HERE before continuing with this one), competition isn’t always perceived as amazing by business owners in light of the fact that one step at a time, their bottom line is affected until some kind of a niche-wide balance of minimum


Cartels in China: From Laws to Real-World Enforcement

From a strictly game theory perspective, it should come as no surprise that bypassing competition and forming cartels represents an attractive option for business owners. Why? Simply because the idea that capitalism favors business owners exclusively tends to be a bit of a myth, with those perpetuating it willfully ignoring the fact that realistically speaking,


Are China – United States Proxy Wars a Genuine Threat?

This article represents a textbook example of a post that could be shortened to precisely one sentence that answers the question which constitutes its title: no, China – US proxy wars do not represent a genuine threat, at least not at this point in time. However, we believe in digging deep here at and


Democrats, Republicans and… Chinese Interests: Does China Prefer the Republican or Democratic Party?

The internal Democratic Party race which ultimately established who the final Democrat candidate for the 2020 presidential elections will be (Joe Biden) got us thinking about, of course, the manner in which these candidates are perceived by China. More specifically: Delaware’s Joe Biden, a let’s call him centrist by Democrat standards or, if you will,


Could China Fail?

This is perhaps the broadest but at the same time most difficult question that even die-hard China bulls are most likely plagued by… whether they are willing to admit it is an entirely different discussion. The bottom line is that at least in the back of your mind, no matter how optimistic you are or


(Coronavirus) Pandemics in China… and Elsewhere

In light of how much exposure the topic has received and in light of the fact that the effects of a pandemic (from the far more systemically serious coronavirus/covid-19 to the less problematic bird flu or anything else) most definitely go well beyond the medical dimension (with the economic one also being in the spotlight),


From Fake News Originating from China to… Fake News Targeting China

One of the main reasons behind our decision of launching and turning it into the comprehensive information source it is shaping up to become was represented by the worrying degree to which misinformation, half-truths and even downright fake news is spreading. This reality, in the context of the volatile (from more than one perspective)


China-Related Conspiracy Theories: Motivation, Interpretation, Substance… and Lack Thereof

This is a topic we believe needs to be addressed thoroughly because as an investor in Chinese assets or someone who is thinking about gaining exposure to Chinese assets, you are literally bombarded with more or less reasonable scenarios pertaining to China, many of which venture well into conspiracy theory territory. Right from the beginning,


The United States and China in a Cold War 2.0 Context?

More and more market observers are using terms such as ”Cold War 2.0” to describe a potential trajectory with respect to the obvious tensions between China and the United States. This discussion gives the team a reasonable enough context to make one of its viewpoints perfectly clear: it might be wise to stop imagining


Is China’s Economic Growth Hurting Other Countries?

When it comes to matters of economics, the team firmly believes it is crucial to take a certain topic that perhaps asks a surface-level question and gradually dig deeper, until the root issue is finally addressed. By now, it should be obvious to anyone who hasn’t been living under a proverbial rock that tensions