Chinese Culture


Is China Tolerant… or How Tolerant Is China?

Misconceptions and misrepresentations abound to such a degree when it comes to China that the average Western observer is oftentimes left scratching his head. For example, he might read one article about “communist China” today and tomorrow, another one which praises China for actually being more capitalism-oriented than let’s say many European nations in certain


Will (or Can) China Become a Democracy?

Those familiar with “all things China” and especially loyal readers have undoubtedly realized that a lot of things have either changed or are in the process of changing over in China. Whether we are talking about a transition from production and export-led economic growth to a consumption-oriented one or to cultural aspects such as


(More or Less Perceived) Chinese Double Standards and Ambivalence?

When embracing a new jurisdiction such as China as an investor, it is without a doubt important to wrap your head around a wide range of new let’s call it jargon: administrative regions, industry-specific particularities, you name it. However, while it is without a doubt important to understand the words that are being used, it’s


Corruption in China: Temporary Roadblock or Long-Term Curse?

Not only is this article written from the perspective of’s managing partner (the managing partner of an entity with a hands-on experience in China which exceeds 13 years), it’s also written from the perspective of someone who grew up in Eastern Europe, in a country that became essentially (in)famous at the very least regionally


Nepotism in China: Nuisance or Disruptive Factor?

Western investors have varying reactions to… let’s call them certain Chinese realities. Issues pertaining to nepotism most definitely do not represent exceptions. It ultimately does depend to a significant extent on their country of origin. To give a few examples pertaining to Europe: someone from Northern Europe may find any kind of nepotism unacceptable, a


Stereotypes in China and How They (Might) Affect Portfolios

Before getting started, it is vital to remind investors not to (over-)judge themselves for falling victim to the human nature-induced tendency of stereotyping. As toxic as that behavior frequently proves to be in today’s society, it is excusable to a certain degree due to being an integral part of who we are for obvious evolutionary


1 Out of 5 Human Beings Is Han Chinese… and Why You Should Care

To avoid confusions, we would like to make it clear right from the beginning that we are strictly referring to the Han Chinese population rather than ~1.4 billion Chinese population in general. However, as mentioned in another article, roughly 91.65% of all Chinese citizens are Han Chinese (in other words, almost 1.3 billion individuals). If


(Why) Are Western Media Outlets Biased Against China?

Without the “why” in parenthesis, this article would be remarkably short. One word, to be more precise: yes. However, by limiting ourselves to merely stating the (blatantly) obvious, we would be missing out on vital layers of nuance which add much-needed context to this entire debate. In the absence of said context, we would end


(How) Does China Control Media Outlets?

The many contradictions which lie at the very core of media outlets are nothing short of fascinating. On the one hand, these media outlets (mainstream media as well as alternative media) are very effective at shaping the opinion of the average content consumer. Many outlets, when reaching out to me with interview requests or other


China’s Ethnic Groups in a Nutshell: Minorities Under the Microscope

While most people tend to identify China with the Han ethnic group (and rightfully so, given the fact that there are over 1.2 billion Han Chinese, or approximately 91.65% of China’s population according to the 6th National Population Census of the People’s Republic of China, conducted back in 2010), it is important to realize that