Making Sense of China’s True Growth Potential?

There are perhaps three main aspects which make some analysts believe China doesn’t have all that much growth potential anymore: China currently has a very high nominal GDP (90 trillion Yuan for 2018, roughly $13 trillion), so how much room can there possibly be to continue not just growing but also outperforming other nations? As


Could China Be at the Center of the Next Monetary System?

For a reasonably long period of time, currencies were fully backed by gold or silver. In other words, a piece of paper money was simply a bank note (hence the name, an etymology long-forgotten as far as most people are concerned) that granted you the right to receive a certain amount of precious metals, should


China, the United States and the EU in the Context of the Next Financial Crisis

Never before has this much time passed between recessions than at this point, with the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis (commonly referred to as the Great Recession) seeming like a distant memory… this should mean it’s time to celebrate, right? After all, so much prosperity that will seemingly never end must be a good thing… or


Can China’s GDP Keep Growing?

One of the most common concerns I come across during discussions concerning China’s impressive GDP growth track record is the fact that perhaps there’s just no longer all that much room to grow. And, sure, it’s understandable why this concern exists. Think about the fact that on the very homepage of this website, it’s written