China’s Transportation Sector: Problematic Polluter or Future-Oriented Industry

It should come as no surprise that China’s transportation industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decades because at the end of the day, the transportation sector tends to be one of the most interconnected components of any economy… China in no way represents an exception in this respect. We could write an entire


China’s Oil and Natural Gas Equation: Past. Present. Future Trends.

It has become a bit of an economics meme to joke about how important China is in the oil and natural gas demand equation and, indeed, there is quite a bit of substance under the proverbial hood. When it comes to the let’s say recent past, China has been the worldwide leader in terms of


China’s Natural Resources: Bottleneck Despite Sheer Volume?

First and foremost, it is obviously impossible for a country the size of China not to have impressive natural resources. However, in light of the fact that out of the 7.7 billion people who inhabit this planet, over 1.4 billion (almost 1 of 5) are Chinese, it is just as obvious that the resource consumption


Is China Doing Enough to Fix Its Pollution Problem?

This is, without a doubt, one of the trickiest issues to tackle. However, in today’s world where more and more attention is given to sustainable economic development rather than GDP growth at all costs, an economic analysis that is oblivious to the pollution dimension cannot paint a satisfactory picture of reality. First and foremost: yes,