Privacy Policy

Who Are We? is a platform which provides financial education and guidance with respect to investing in China. From articles that pertain to the economic history of China to current affair-related ones, it is our main goal to make it clear that knowledge barriers can easily be overcome with the right tools and represents just that.

In the future, we reserve the right to expand our business model and should such that occur, the “Privacy Policy” section of will be updated accordingly, as per the legal requirements associated with the industry or industries we will be targeting.

Do We Collect Personal Data?

While does collect personal data, the volume of such data actually collected is fairly low at this point in time, limited to CMS-specific requirements (comments, media, plugins). Still, in the spirit of full disclosure, we will refer to all of them below.


Whenever you are writing a comment, the data displayed in the section of the blog through which comments are written (name, email address, message body) will be stored on’s servers and some of it displayed on the blog (for example, your name will be publicly displayed by the email address will remain private). Should you, for any reason, decide you no longer wish to have a past comment publicly displayed on, please submit a removal request by sending an email to Our editorial policy revolves around respecting all comment-related requests.

Aside from the aforementioned public data, the CMS has also been built to store your IP address as well as browser user agent for spam-related purposes, more specifically spam detection.

Should you be using third-party services such as Gravatar when commenting, please review the privacy policy of each service so as to ensure you are comfortable with the terms in question. in no way endorses any third-party comment-related services such as Gravatar, nor is it in any way affiliated with providers of such services.


Should functionality be enabled which allows you to upload an image to, please avoid uploading any image which contains embedded location data, as it would be possible for third parties to extract the data in question from the image you have uploaded.

If you would like any of the images that have been uploaded to to be removed, a request can be submitted by sending an email to

Contact Forms

Just like when writing comments, you are asked to fill out certain forms when visiting the Contact Us section of, for example involving your name and email address. We need this information so as to know who to get in touch with, should a reply be required.

Unlike with comments, however, the information you enter when using the Contact Us section of will never be displayed publicly.


If you have written a comment on and are ready to write another one, without having had deleted your personal data through the “settings” functionality of your browser, you will notice that the aforementioned data has already been filled in. This is done for your convenience, using technology called cookies, which last for one year unless removed.

At this point and beyond, it is hard to come across websites which do not use or store cookies in one way or another. For the most part, as is the case on, cookies are merely used for simple functionality-related purposes and are completely harmless.

However, it is important to be aware of their existence and decide for yourself whether or not you are comfortable with this technology. Should that not be the case, we would advise ceasing to use whichever functionality you are uncomfortable with.

Embedded content from other websites

Occasionally, you might come across an embedded video or other media content on Please be aware that interacting with embedded content on is the same as interacting with the content in question on the original website. is in no way affiliated with the websites we may occasionally post embedded content from and we strongly encourage visitors to submit any concerns they have with respect to a certain piece of content to


To measure the performance of and make decisions with respect to the future of this project, we will use data provided by Google Analytics and/or similar software.

Analytics software is used to provide data about visitors, the origin of traffic, technical information about where traffic comes from (country, browser agent, etc.) and other information website operators can analyze so as to measure results. understands the sensitive nature of personal data and, as such, will only work with reputable analytics services which have displayed a strong track record of respecting user privacy.

Who Do We Share Data With?

Out of respect for the privacy of our visitors, aims to share data with as few third parties as necessary and only when it is absolutely mandatory.

For example, applications which combat spam sometimes require a certain degree of data sharing so as to build relevant databases and, as such, or any other website using them is required to share such information.

Another dimension is represented by legal/compliance requirements. Should be contacted by government agencies that request access to certain types of data for well-determined legal purposes based on legal documents with clear stipulations, we will assist them in that manner.

How Long Is Data Retained?

Please be advised that when leaving a comment and/or posting a certain type of media on, the content in question will remain on the platform indefinitely. In other words, for as long as will continue to operate, comments and various forms of user-submitted media will continue to be displayed on the website.

However, the cookies stored when posting comments are temporary in nature, with users having the option of easily removing them through the “settings” section of their browser, either on an individual basis or by removing all cookies and temporary data.

That being stated, we strongly believe in respecting the wishes of our visitors. As such, as mentioned previously, we will honor comment removal requests submitted by sending an email to

What Rights Do You Have Over Your Data?

When posting a comment, you understand that has the right to display it publicly on the website and monetize the pages where the information in question is displayed.

However, should you have concerns about any comment(s) that you have posted or wish to erase any or all of them, you can contact the team by sending an email to

How Is Your Data Processed? reserves the right to use spam-detection services, which may result in user-submitted comments being processed and filtered by the application(s) in question.

User-Submitted Contact Information

When filling out forms on the Contact Us section of, you are doing so because you want to get in touch with us privately and as such, the information in question will never be made public.

When filling out forms so as to publish a comment on, however, some of that information (your name and the message body) will be made public, whereas other types of information (email address) will not.

How User Data Is Protected strives to keep user-related data as safe as possible by only working with reputable Web hosting providers and ensuring that there are proper procedures in place for avoiding the access of unauthorized entities to’s data.

To ensure that does not happen, access to our servers and CMS dashboard are only provided to carefully-selected employees or partners and, furthermore, there are password-selection protocols in place to ensure brute force attacks and other malicious attempts are made unlikely in the first place and/or combated.

Furthermore, backups-related procedures are also in place so as to avoid granting unwanted entities access to website backups, yet at the same time protecting the content we have worked hard to create and publish.

Automated Decision-Making

To combat spam, applications/plugins are used which involve various forms of automated decision-making, for example determining whether the IP address associated with a comment is included in global spam databases.

Should that occur, then depending on the algorithm of the application/plugin in question, comments can be included in the “spam” folder or queued for moderation.

Potential Privacy Policy Changes

Should new features/functionality be added to, we will immediately update this privacy policy so as to inform visitors with respect to any potential user data-related implications associated with the features/functionality in question.

Other Issues

Should there be issues related to this privacy policy that you need assistance with, please contact the team by sending an email to We will do our best to respond in a timely manner and properly address all concerns.