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There are a LOT of articles here on and if you're just not that informed yet with respect to what investing in China is all about, this is precisely the page you should start with, as it guides you toward the articles which should represent the foundation of your journey.

First and foremost, it's time to learn a thing or two about the economic history of China:

A Brief Economic History of China

Chinese Dynasties and Why They’re Crucial to Understanding China

The Republic of China / ROC (1912 – 1949*): What You Need to Know and Why

The People’s Republic of China (PRC), AKA “Today’s China”

The Cold War from a Chinese Perspective?

China’s Pre-Reform Import Timeline: From Silk Road to 20th Century

China and Modern-Day (Post-Reform) Imports: From Bumpy Road to Culture-Altering Phenomenon

Reforms in China: A Quick Timeline

Chinese Diplomacy: From Low-Key Pragmatism to Assertiveness

From Tumultuous Past to Present-Day Domination: The History of the Communist Party of China

On a slightly different note, let us pay adequate attention to the demographic and ethnic dimension as well:

1 Out of 5 Human Beings Is Han Chinese… and Why You Should Care

China’s Ethnic Groups in a Nutshell: Minorities Under the Microscope

Overseas Chinese and Their Economic Impact: Weaponizing China’s Diaspora?

Life Expectancy in China: Past, Present, Trends and Implications

Demographic Trends in China Over (Almost) Half a Century

Moving on, it makes sense to analyze the activity of all post-1949 paramount leaders and key personalities:

China During the Mao Zedong Era

Zhou Enlai: From Voice of Reason to Reform Facilitator?

Hua Guofeng – Successor or Placeholder?

Deng Xiaoping and the Modernization(s) of China

The (Surprising) Rule of Jiang Zemin

Hu Jintao's Conservative Balance-Oriented Leadership of China

How Powerful Is China's Current Leader, Xi Jinping?

What Investors Should Know About Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council

Next, it's time for a healthy dose of geopolitics, more specifically articles about China's relationship with its neighbors as well as its main trading partners:

The Current State of China – US Relations

The (In)Famous China – United States Trade Relationship

The (Economic) Future of China and That of the United States: A Few Long-Term Thoughts

Sino-American Business Relationships: From Political Rhetoric to Win-Win Real World Situations

The Dynamic of China’s Relationship with the European Union

China and Japan: Robust Trading Partners, Geopolitical Frenemies

China and South Korea’s Economic Relationship, With a Focus on the United States Variable

China and Taiwan: Economic Strength vs. Geopolitical Vulnerabilities

China and Hong Kong: The Complex History of a (Highly) Sensitive Topic

The Macao (Macau) Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

China and Africa: Natural Allies?

China – India Relations: From Common Economic Goals to Geostrategic Concerns

An “Under the Hood” Analysis of China’s Relationship With Russia

China and the USSR: Ideological Common Denominators, Past Challenges and Modern-Day Russian Perspectives

Is China (Over) Reliant/Dependent on Russian Natural Resources and Commodities

Is China a NATO Concern That Dwarfs Russia?

Looking at China Through a BRICS Lens

China and Latin America: Infrastructure Investments, Sustainability Concerns and the US Variable

China’s (Growing) Interest and Influence in the Middle East

South China Sea Geopolitics Simplified

China: The #1 Brexit Beneficiary?

China and North Korea: Pragmatism vs. Alliance?

(Why) Do China and Pakistan Have a Strong Relationship?

China, Inner Mongolia and… (Outer) Mongolia?

China and Singapore: From “Third China” Concerns to Pragmatic Friendship

China and the Philippines: “Pivot to China” Despite South China Sea Tensions?

China and Indonesia: ~1.7 Billion Reasons to Find Common Denominators

The (Trade but Not Exclusively Trade) Relationship Between China and Malaysia

China in the Context of a Regional or Global Military Conflict

Does China Have Military Allies?

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

China and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in a Nutshell

Money Talks: China’s Geopolitical Friends and Enemies

The Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC): Why Investors Should Pay Attention

Can (and Will) China Influence Other Nations?

Geopolitical Hot Spots and… China?

China and Iran: From Silk Road Partners to Modern-Day Geopolitical Considerations

The United States – Iran (Economic and Military) Conflict from the Perspective of China

The Chinese Implications of Qasem Soleimani’s Death: Geopolitical Black Swan Event?

China and Germany: Macroeconomic Paradox of Thrift?

China and the Eurasian Customs Union (EACU) / Eurasian Economic Union (EEU): From Rhetoric to Substance?

As a bit of a (well-deserved) break, we will take a few moments to mention the cultural dimension of China, without which your understanding of China as a whole would be superficial at best:

The Three Teachings: From Cultural Foundation to… Frustration Cause?

Understanding Laozi (Lao Tzu) and Daoism (Taoism)

Can You “Get” China Without Understanding Confucius and Confucianism?

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) and Buddhism: The Middle Way for China?

(How/Why) Is China Different? “Investor Culture Shock” Explained

Should Investors Learn Chinese?

How Many Languages (Dialects?) Are Used in China?

(How) Does The Chinese New Year Affect the Economy, Markets and… Investors?

Religion in China: A Brief Overview

(Why) Are Chinese Social Media Sites/Platforms (TikTok and Many Others) Gaining Traction?

(More or Less Misunderstood) Consumption Trends in China: Consumerism on Steroids?

The Cultural “Westernization” of China: Hollywood, Pop Culture and Their Economic Effects

Let's now take a look under the hood with respect to the various sectors of China's economy:

China’s Service Sector: An Increasingly Important Growth Engine?

China’s Industry and Manufacturing Sector: Past Performance vs. Current Trends

China’s Agriculture Sector: Past, Present and Future

The Future of China’s Future: The Chinese Education System

China’s Military Sector: From Modernization to Tackling Corruption

China’s Military Capabilities: From Past Suboptimality to Present-Day Strenght and Future Potential

China’s Luxury Goods Market: Facts vs. Misconceptions

China’s (Grossly Misunderstood) Mining Sector

China’s Processed Rare-Earth Products: A Geopolitical Bargaining Chip?

China’s Natural Resources: Bottleneck Despite Sheer Volume?

China’s Tech Industry: From Copy/Paste to Innovation

China’s Banking System: Past, Present and Future

China’s Legal System: From Legislative, Executive and Judicial Functions to… the CPC

The Auto Companies That Turned China Into the World’s #1 Auto Producer and Buyer

China’s Housing Market Fascinations: From Culture to Human Nature

Bullish on China = Bullish on Precious Metals?

The 2019 State of Investment Funds in China

How Likely Are Chinese Investors to Pay for Asset Management Services?

(Anything but) Worrying China-Related Energy Consumption and Production Trends?

China’s Tourism Dimension: From Stereotypes to Economic Impact

China’s Retail Sales, Disposable Personal Income and Consumer Spending – Metrics for a Transitioning Economy

China’s Infrastructure Investments: Facts, Myths and Context

A Glimpse into China’s Booming Insurance Industry

Art and Antiques in China: Fascination, Wealth Preservation… or Both?

Law Enforcement in China: How Strict Is Too Strict?

The (Subpar) Medical System of China: Problems, Threats and Opportunities

Medical Tourism in China: A Tale of Two Worlds

China’s Oil and Natural Gas Equation: Past. Present. Future Trends.

China’s Transportation Sector: Problematic Polluter or Future-Oriented Industry

Chinese Universities: Evolution, Reach/Penetration, Potential and Challenges

Wealth Management in China: New Frontier or Pipe Dream?

Arbitration in (Mainland) China: Effective Solution or Bureaucratic Nightmare?

The Sustainability of China’s Pension System… or Lack Thereof

There’s No Business Like (Chinese) Show Business? A Glimpse into China’s Entertainment Industry

Gambling in China? Demand, Legislative Landscape and Solutions

“Gamers” in China: The Remarkable Growth of China’s Online Gaming Sector

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)… Industry?

China’s (Booming) Vitamin and Dietary Supplements (VDS) Market

Pet Ownership in China: A Surprising Mega-Trend

... which, of course, takes us to specific investment options that one has in China:

(Why) Should Foreigners Invest in China?

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Chinese Stocks

Should Chinese Bonds Be Considered Attractive?

Establishing a Business in China 101

China’s Top 12 Insurance Companies – A Brief Overview

To Short Sell or Not to Short Sell: Should One Short Chinese Assets?

Investment vs. Speculation in China: Is Any Trend Your Friend?

Risk and Money Management When Investing in China

Do Chinese Assets Belong in the Risk-on or Risk-off (Safe Haven) Category?

Doing Business in China: Hands-on Tips from

As interesting as the various sectors of China's economy and the opportunities associated with them may be, we shouldn't overlook the monetary dimension of China:

Understanding the Renminbi/Yuan: History, Context and Perspectives

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) vs. Western Counterparts

Could China Be at the Center of the Next Monetary System?

China and the Renminbi in the Context of a Currency Crisis?

(Why) Does China Devalue Its Currency?

Inflation vs. Deflation: Implications for China

Stagflation Risks in China (and Elsewhere)

Hyperinflation in China: Legitimate Threat or Unrealistic Scenario?

It's convenient to keep thinking of China based on the paradigms of the past decades... but highly inaccurate. To understand just how flawed such an approach is, let's take a close look at the innovation that is happening literally everywhere in China:

The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Sectors in China: Some Might Surprise You!

China and the Internet of Things (… of Everything, Really)

China’s Positive Impact on the World in 7 (Recent) Examples

China’s Top Artificial Intelligence Companies – A Quick Analysis

Surprising Industries China Is Currently Dominating

Is China on the Verge of Becoming a Cashless Society?

Armed with facts and the context the previously-mentioned articles provide, let's move on to some of the trickier aspects related to China:

Is China’s Economy Slowing Down?

Is China Doing Enough to Fix Its Pollution Problem?

How Much Access to China Do Foreign Financial Sector Investors Have?

Challenges Faced by Those Who Want to Invest in China

China and the World Trade Organization’s Love/Hate Relationship

From Investing to “Pump and Dump” Speculation in China

China and Globalization: From Generational Opportunity to Systemic Risk

(Why) Is China the Top Beneficiary of Globalization?

Is China Overrated or Underrated?

Does China Have a Transparency Problem?

Is China Still an “Emerging” or “Developing” Country?

Shadow Banking in China: Is Enough Being Done?

(How) Is China Combating Bureaucracy and Administrative Inefficiency?

Could China Win a Trade War Against the United States?

Making Sense of China’s Government Debt Sustainability (or Lack Thereof)

What Foreign Investors Should Understand About China’s Political System… But Usually Don’t

Intellectual Property Rights in China: From International Obligations to Conflict of Interests

China’s Great Firewall: From Ideology Enforcement to Trade Barrier?

Is China a Multi-Party Country and Do Opposition Forces Exist?

The Role and Structure of the Communist Party of China

Understanding the Politburo (and Standing Committee) of the Communist Party of China

China and Capital Flight: From Risk Mitigation to Excessive Control?

The China Internet Security Law: Necessity or Perfect Excuse?

Navigating Through Propaganda in China… and Elsewhere?

(Financial) Fraud in China: How to Avoid Portfolio-Disrupting Scams

The Rule of Law in China: “Wild West” or First World Status?

Is China’s Economy a Ponzi Scheme?

Freedom of Speech (or Lack Thereof) in China: Why Should Investors Care?

Corruption in China: Temporary Roadblock or Long-Term Curse?

Nepotism in China: Nuisance or Disruptive Factor?

Meritocracy in China: Meritocratic Society or Dunning-Kruger Effect on Steroids?

Moral Hazard: Is China at Risk?

(More or Less Perceived) Chinese Double Standards and Ambivalence?

Is China Tolerant… or How Tolerant Is China?

Will (or Can) China Become a Democracy?

(Neo)Authoritarianism in China: The Past, Present and Future of Authoritarian Rule

Discrimination in China: Systemic Issue, Granular Problem… or Both?

Personal Freedoms in China: Westernization/Legalization vs. Traditionalism

Monopolies and Oligopolies in China: Entrepreneurship Deterrent?

We should also take a lot at a few China-related issues which aren't necessarily controversial but rather... well, misunderstood:

The Top 10 China-Related Myths We Should FINALLY Acknowledge

Short Term vs. Long Term Investing in China

Is China Still an “Emerging” or “Developing” Country?

China’s (Un)Employment Situation: Past Performance, Current Numbers and Future Challenges

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics?

What the Gross Domestic Product Does and Doesn’t Tell Us About China

China’s “Emerging” Middle Class?

The Good, the Bad and the Misleading: China’s Population

Investing in China: “Fad” vs. Secular Mega-Trend

Trading Chinese Assets vs. “Buy and Hold”

Alternative vs. Complementary: Should You “Pick a Side” When Investing in Chinese Assets?

Retiring in China… Are Retirees a (Financial) Force or Threat?

Could China Collapse? A Socio-Politico-Economic Perspective

(How) Can Bank Runs Occur in China?

Volatility in China: Deal Breaker, Necessary Evil or Opportunity?

Is “Bad Debt” (Only) Piling Up in China?

Financial Panic(s) in China: Systemic Risk or Tradeable Opportunity?

Stereotypes in China and How They (Might) Affect Portfolios

(For How Long) Can China Rise Peacefully?

(When) Should You Sell Your Chinese Assets?

While we're at it, let's put today's situation under the microscope:

China’s 2018 Economic Numbers and Outlook/Targets for 2019

The 2019 State of Investment Funds in China

The Chinese BAT: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent

China’s Ambivalent Relationship with Western Tech Giants: Google, Amazon, etc.

The Great Recession (Global Financial Crisis) of 2007-2008 and Its Effect on China

China’s 2015-2016 Stock Market Crash and Its Consequences

China’s Wealthiest (?) Cities, Provinces and Autonomous Regions

As (Not) Seen on TV: China’s Poorest Regions

China’s Quality of Life Statistics: Standard of Living vs. Nominal GDP

The Top 7 Threats to China’s Economic Growth

China and Isolationism: A Two-Way Street?

Censorship in China: A Multi-Generational Paradigm?

China’s Puzzling Contrast: Poverty Reduction vs. Inequality Increase

China, the Rise of Populism and (Geo)Political Correctness

Is China a Maturing or Mature Economy/Market?

(How) Does China Control Media Outlets?

(Why) Are Western Media Outlets Biased Against China?

(How Much) Would Economic Sanctions Hurt China?

Speaking of the present, it makes sense to also refer to China's current leadership role(s) and the organizations/initiatives through which it aims to reach them:

China’s Leadership Role(s) in a Potentially Multi-Polar World

The Belt and Road Initiative in a Nutshell

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): WB/IMF Threat or Complementary Solution?

Why You Should Care About the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

It would be a huge mistake to overlook the importance of thinking about China's future:

Macroeconomic Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges for China

Are Reforms (Still) Necessary in China?

Will China Become the World’s Next Number One Economic Superpower?

Making Sense of China’s True Growth Potential?

Can China’s GDP Keep Growing?

China, the United States and the EU in the Context of the Next Financial Crisis

The Trajectory of Chinese Assets After the Next (Global) Financial Crisis?

Should You Invest in China… Now? (If Not, When?)

Is China One Huge Economic Bubble?

Donald Trump’s Love (?) – Hate Relationship with China

The Chinese Variable in the United States “2020 Elections” Equation?

Liquidity Crunch in the US: Implications for China?

Black Swan Events in China… or China as a Black Swan Event?

Social Tensions in China: Are Civil Unrest Scenarios Realistic?

How (in Terms of Strategy) to Invest in China? Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum Investing

(Financial) Predictions About China: Misleading Marketing Gimmicks vs. Meaningful Metrics

Finally, due to massive interest, we have decided to create's very own portfolio of cryptocurrency/blockchain-related articles:

China’s Love/Hate Relationship with Bitcoin and Crypto

China and Exotic Assets: From Domain Names to Cryptocurrencies

Does China Hate Blockchain Technology?

Will China Create Its Own Stablecoin?

Facebook’s Libra Crypto Project from a Chinese Perspective: Will China Play Ball?

Bitcoin/Crypto Mining in China: Energy Sector Blessing or Ticking Time Bomb?

A Chinese Perspective on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology