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Domestic vs. Global Rating Agencies: Who Gets It Right When It Comes to China?

Before even getting started, it is worth pointing out that China’s financial system is heavily bank-oriented, with there being a clear need for a proper bond market framework. And while one is indeed in the works, let’s just say the growing pains are more than obvious and a textbook example to that effect is represented


Marxism-Leninism in China: Foundation or Ideological Ballast?

In light of the fact that the very first ideology of the Communist Party of China was Marxism-Leninism, many less than thorough investors make the mistake of believing that today’s China is run in the spirit of the ideology in question. Is that true? To put it differently, is socialism with Chinese characteristics perfectly in


Is China Overvalued or Undervalued?

We live in a most peculiar financial landscape, which involves the unsustainable being pretty much accepted as status quo: central banks that have injected record-breaking amounts of liquidity into the financial system in correlation with keeping interest rates either at (pretty much) zero or even negative, asset bubbles which have emerged across the board as


The Xinjiang Conflict and China’s Uyghur Minority: Domestic and Global Implications

The Xinjiang conflict (with Xinjiang being an autonomous region located in the far-northwest of China) has been brewing in one way or another since 1931, in light of the fact that clashes started emerging between Muslim minorities (especially Uyghurs) and the Han Chinese population. Such situations can be found in many countries, where a minority


Will China Ever Respect Human Rights by Western Standards?

Whenever such sensitive topics pop up, authors are tempted to start an article with a highly nuanced first paragraph, usually one which explains how complex and open to interpretation from various angles a certain topic is. When it comes to this article, in the spirit of being blunt to the point of brutally honest, we


Just How Dependent Is China on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?

Time and time again, headlines surrounding various points of tension between the United States and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) pop up, with experts fervently commenting on one aspect or another of this equation but oftentimes ignoring the elephant in the room: the fact that at this point in time and most likely


Will PIIGS Fly? China’s Relationship With Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain

Few things scare markets more than deflationary crashes such as the 2007-2008 Great Recession but sovereign default scenarios most definitely do. Why? Simply because the status quo in terms of public discourse revolved around sovereigns being foolproof for an extended period of time, with occasional “Twilight Zone” situations such as ultra-vulnerable nations like Spain (which


Why It’s Time to Give Investing in China a Second Look

The fact that the Chinese economy has been growing at a steady and consistent pace has been the elephant in the room for a few years now. Usually, it’s met with an aggressive defense that the U.S. is still the top dog, economically speaking. We believe that it’s high time investing in China is given


China – UAE (United Arab Emirates) Relations Under the Microscope

Established back in 1984, it should come as any surprise to those familiar with let’s call them geopolitical realities that China – UAE relations have developed in a straightforward and positive manner, with the two pillars of this evolution being represented by the fact that: The trade dimension makes sense, with China for example being


China and Canada: Human Rights vs. Trade?

Trade with China has represented enough of an interest for Canada that even back in 1961, Canada’s prime minister at that point (John Diefenbaker) granted Canadian farmers access to China’s significant market despite the fact that diplomatic relations had not yet been established. As was the case with pretty much every other nation, diplomatic relations