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Asymmetric Warfare from a Chinese Perspective

In the spirit of being intellectually honest, it makes sense to start by at least articulating the “elephant in the room” in terms of scenario-related questions: will there be a military confrontation between the United States and China? And to remain in the realm of honesty, there can be only one such answer: we just


China and the World Health Organization: From Conspiracies to Facts

Right off the bat, we want to make it clear that when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization has made absolutely terrible mistakes, from downplaying the danger associated with the virus at the very beginning to the confusing attitude when it comes to recommending (or not recommending) masks and the list


Does the West Need China More Than China Needs the West?

Here at ChinaFund.com, we have written a fair bit about the fact that yes, China can be considered among the top beneficiaries or even “the” top beneficiary of globalization and for the most part, discussions pertaining to this topic tend to revolve around the narrative that China has been given a proverbial free ride by


Independent Contractors in China and Beyond: The Limitations of the Gig Economy

Before reading this article, we would strongly recommend taking a look at our post about the gig economy in general on the one hand and on the other hand, at our more recent article about the gig economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. To (over-)simplify, let’s just say the pandemic put the gig


Working from Home in 2020 and Beyond: Is China Prepared for This (Potential) Mega-Trend?

The COVID-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, meaningfully altered human behavior and from a strictly economic perspective, as it pretty much always happens, there have been both winners and losers in the business world. One category of winners is represented by platforms that facilitate working from home in one way or another such as the


The Renminbi vs. Western Currencies: An Inflationary “Paradigm Shift” Perspective

As an economist, you oftentimes risk ridicule for the mere mention of the word “inflation” among your peers, for the simple reason that in the recent and relatively recent past, deflationary rather than inflationary forces needed to be tackled. Over the past not decade but (two) decades, we have witnessed a downright collapse in the


From Globalization to Fragmentation: Can China Keep Thriving?

Before getting started with this article, we would strongly recommend reading two of our previous ones. First of all, our article about globalization in general, through which we highlight the pros as well as cons associated with globalization and explain that while there are indeed cons involved, it is difficult to believe that globalization is


Land Investments in China… and Beyond

In the economic environment which preceded the March 2020 crash, with stock markets where ultra-high valuations were the norm and investors dreaming about achieving generation-defining wealth by investing in tech companies run by individuals who apparently have never used the word “profits” given the complete absence of even remote perspectives pertaining to just that (a


Chinese Savers in a Currency Debasement Framework

On more than one occasion, we have explained that compared to Western savers (who have flaws of their own, of course), Chinese savers are let’s say less sophisticated for a wide range of reasons. Before continuing with this article, it therefore makes sense to enumerate the most important reasons and take it from there. Please


Types of Wealth from the Perspective of Chinese Asset Investors

Time and time again, we have tried to emphasize the importance of seeing the world in a complex manner and now more than ever, in light of recent developments, it makes sense to pay attention to the many forms of wealth that exist and understand the complicated yet logical relationships between them. We will pay