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China’s Ethnic Groups in a Nutshell: Minorities Under the Microscope

While most people tend to identify China with the Han ethnic group (and rightfully so, given the fact that there are over 1.2 billion Han Chinese, or approximately 91.65% of China’s population according to the 6th National Population Census of the People’s Republic of China, conducted back in 2010), it is important to realize that


Is China’s Economy a Ponzi Scheme?

Quite a few analysts have voiced concerns that China’s economy is essentially a Ponzi scheme which needs perpetual growth to sustain itself. From the (in)famous South China Morning Post op-ed of Jake Van Der Camp to a wide range of criticism by Kyle Bass and other financial media opinion formers, it has become clear that


Doing Business in China: Hands-on Tips from ChinaFund.com

As those of you who are familiar with our work and track record know, the experience of the ChinaFund.com team let’s say transcends the financial world. To put it different, we have proverbially been there and done that in China for over 13 years when it comes to anything from brick & mortar endeavors to,


Wealth Management in China: New Frontier or Pipe Dream?

As explained on more than one occasion here on ChinaFund.com, tremendous wealth has been built in China since let’s say the Deng Xiaoping reform days. However, we would be painting an incomplete picture of reality by limiting ourselves to the previous statement. In the spirit of precision, we need to make it clear that two


Is “Bad Debt” (Only) Piling Up in China?

After the (in)famous Great Recession of 2007-2008, the average observer started paying more and more attention to the banking system. Why? Simply because the Great Recession made it clear that there are visible cracks in the financial system, anything from a quasi-incestuous relationship between the financial system and the banking system to issues pertaining to


(Why) Does China Devalue Its Currency?

It is difficult to think of a field more affected by hypocrisy than economics and in the spirit of just that, we are convinced most readers are well aware of the fact that China tends to be portrayed as the “monetary bad guy” for devaluing its currency, with many Western counterparts (from government officials to


Financial Panic(s) in China: Systemic Risk or Tradeable Opportunity?

Whether we are referring to “maturing” jurisdictions such as China or mature ones such as various Western jurisdictions, it is a quasi-axiomatic statement that one cannot have a man-made financial system without occasional financial panics. From bank depositors who are standing in line in a desperate attempt to withdraw while they still can to investors


Volatility in China: Deal Breaker, Necessary Evil or Opportunity?

Whether we are referring to anything from asset prices to the legislative dimension, volatility is most definitely something one cannot ignore in China, more so than in more mature Western jurisdictions. Some investors choose to stay away from China altogether for this very reason (in other words, volatility represents a deal breaker) As far as


Chinese Universities: Evolution, Reach/Penetration, Potential and Challenges

Whenever “dissecting” national economic success stories with a reverse engineering state of mind, education tends to be an important common denominator at the very least, perhaps even the most important one. This is because, as economists such as Adam Smith have made clear centuries ago, the wealth of a nation doesn’t lie in the natural


Bitcoin/Crypto Mining in China: Energy Sector Blessing or Ticking Time Bomb?

It is a fairly established fact that while China has nothing against blockchain technology (on the contrary, as explained HERE), it is definitely not a fan of existing blockchain projects that it has no control over, such as bitcoin and the various altcoins that exist (as explained HERE). As such, many outside observers assume China